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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 21, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 21 April 2014

Torey Bowser, University of Maine


Last looks at land for a long time

Ship's Log

26° 42.1’ N × 065° 46.5’ W
Sunny morning turning to complete overcast around afternoon snack time, winds at Beaufort 5, temperature at 25.7°C. Preparations being made for possible squalls.

Time is beginning to tick down to our Bermuda deadline. Team Phyllo (my team) has begun extracting DNA from the phyllosoma collected in the net tows. Unfortunately our crispy critters are taking longer to break down than expected. Hopefully we will be done in time for Team Lepto to start working on extracting from their eels.

Pulling the phyllosoma and the leptocephali from the tows is one of my favorite jobs here on Mamma Cramer. Imagine a big gob of mostly clear gunk, then picking through that gunk to look for things that look like clear noodles (eel larvae) and big glass bugs (phyllosoma). It is so rewarding to actually find something that you are looking for when it is practically invisible. As time goes on you become more adept at finding the unseen; you begin to recognize phyllosoma by their shadows and leptocephali by the shape of their bodies. It definitely gives you the feeling of either being really good at I SPY or being a real scientist.

I can’‘t wait to get to Bermuda; we have so much in store for us there! It also marks the half-way point of this epic journey we are on together. There is so much to do before we get there and I don’’t know how we will manage to get it all done! Between homework, lab work, project work, watches, sleep and food there aren’’t enough hours in the day. I do know however that all my shipmates will be right there with me the whole way for support. Time to cowboy up and get stuff done!

Shout outs: To all my family in Ohio, I am still alive! I miss you all so much and can’’t wait to show you all my pictures! To all my family in Maine, no whale sharks yet but I haven’t given up hope! I can’t wait to see you guys this summer! Go Big Blue!

- Torey

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