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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 20, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 20 April 2014

Connor Dixon, Whitman College


Fourth day searching for shelter from the sun. Prospects are looking shady.

Ship's Log

25° 26.82’’N x 066° 00.64’’W
Large unfamiliar glowing orb in the sky, few cumulus clouds, winds from ESE with a Beaufort 3 force, swells up to 8 feet, a most luxurious 28°C.

A Guide to Avoiding Sunburn and Surviving the Ocean
In the subtropical wilderness, the pale Seattlite may soon become a grotesque shade of burgundy if certain steps are not taken. Although at first unbelievable, a person may find shade scarce among the ocean. Despite its vastness, I have yet to find a tree or other source of shelter in the high seas beyond the boat that brought us here. As such, I have set about creating a survival guide for the Northwesterner in this most inhospitable environment.

The first and most obvious option is to avoid the sun at all costs. Resorting to nocturnal living at first might be a challenge, but tough times take tougher measures. Unfortunately, those in charge generally frown upon this strategy as little sailing can be done in the daylight from the depths of the Cramer. The second option: cover thyself from head to toe in clothe. Although this relieves the burden of direct ultraviolet rays, the subject may soon find themselves in a rather sweaty personal sauna. If bikram yoga is your bread and butter, then you may prefer this option. For the sane person, only one option is left. By simply covering every part of your visible epidermis with two inches of thick white grease, you may turn yourself into a living tank against the sun. However, like Icarus, do not be too bold in this strategy. Your white war paint may only last a matter of minutes, leaving you bare against the sun’s unbridled force. By employing a three point strategy of all known methods, then and only then may you pass unscathed beyond this realm. At first, turning yourself into a greasy, somewhat nocturnal person with the fashion sense of a mummy seems repugnant, and maybe even questionable. To this I reply using the old proverb, “absolutely not”.

Your helpful guide,

PS: In all seriousness, having a wonderful time and wishing all the best to my family and friends back home.

PSS: to our Alaska team- we love you guys dearly. Missing you all animals. À ma petite famille réunie au Croisic: Joyeuses Pâques ! Profitez bien de votre journée ensemble dans cet endroit fantastique. Je vous embrasse très fort. -Gabo

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