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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 10, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 10 April 2014

The students of C-252, Marine Biodiversity & Conservation, will join the SSV Corwith Cramer in Puerto Rico by Monday, April 14th. They will end their voyage in Woods Hole, MA.

Ship’s Company:
Master: Jason Quilter
Chief Mate: Jullie Jackson
2nd Mate: Jill Hughes
3rd Mate: Andrew Pape
Engineer: Alex Myers
Steward: Lauren Heinen
Asst Steward: Becky Slattery
Chief Scientist: Amy Siuda
1st Asst Scientist: Chrissy Dykeman
2nd Asst Scientist: Laura Cooney
3rd Asst Scientist: Brittany Mauer
Sailing Intern: Gabrielle Page
Sailing Intern: Sam Lemonick
Sailing Intern: Kelly Speare
Other: William Melvin
Guests (Leg 1): Lars Abromeit, Robert Barlow, Tony Hoffman, Robbie Smith, Solvin Zankel
Guests (Leg 2): Jennica Deely, Laura Mahoney, Theo Collins

Grace Ballou, University of Vermont
Callie Bateson, Rollins College
Zachary Bourgault, UMass Dartmouth
Torey Bowser, University of Maine, Orono
Miranda Camp, Stetson University
Connor Dixon, Whitman College
Luke Gervase, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Manuel Nieves Ortiz, University of Puerto Rico, Humacao
Brandon O’Brien, Cornell University
Chelan Pauly, Whitman College
Mei Jia Tan, Middlebury College
Kiah Walker, Williams College
Allison Work, Whitman College
Victoria Young, University of South Carolina

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