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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

May 08, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 08 May 2014

Kelly Speare, Deckhand


Squares! Squares! Squares! The course and tops’l set on a beautiful afternoon.

Ship's Log

35° 24.2’ N x 068° 7.3’ W
Force 5 winds from SWxS, 4 ft. swell from SWxS, dense alto cumulus clouds, 19.8 °C

As we continue our voyage north, we have all become well accustomed to the spills and thrills of life and sea, including, but not limited to dining on gimbaled tables, showering in big swells, and running PCR’s in a lab that seriously rocks. One thing I have yet to master is cooking at sea. Yesterday was “Staff in the Galley Day”, in which G Watch (Galley Watch) cautiously turned over the galley to the mates, deckhands, and scientists while they got some long overdue R&R. With my mom’s chicken pie recipe in mind, (no, not chicken pot pie. Just chicken, no veggies) I enthusiastically volunteered to make dinner. Theo and I teamed up to make 2 pies-a chicken and a veggie version-and dove into pie frenzy. Momma Cramer’s impressive dry stores, however, lacked one key ingredient in my recipe: cream of chicken soup. One of the things that I really enjoy about being at sea is the challenge of solving problems with just the things that we have onboard.

Surely, I thought, the lack of cream of chicken soup is a problem that I can solve.  So we improvised! As the afternoon progressed, however, we realized that no matter how long we whisked and simmered, heavy whipping cream + chicken stock ≠ cream of chicken soup. Crunched for time, we tossed it in the oven and hoped for the best. The sea state and Roxy (our finicky oven with a mind of her own) were too much for my improvised chicken pie. The soupy pie sloshed around and mixed with the crust like a melting milkshake in the trunk of a car. After much stress, panicking, and embarrassment, the clock struck 1820 and we had no choice but to serve the misfit pies. In the end the pies were actually a success! It didn’t taste quite the same, and looked more like baked macaroni and cheese than pie, but it was still hot chicken pie on a cold night at sea, which is hard to beat.  And our afternoon trying to be stewards was great fun. As the old saying goes, there’s no use crying over spilt milk in (the galley in rough seas). I’m sorry, y’all, I promise it’s better from an oven that doesn’t move.

Seriously, G Watch, you guys are awesome. And to the rest of the staff that participated yesterday your food rocked and I am so impressed.

Fair winds and following seas.

P.S. A HUGE thank you to my Mom and Zena who are taking care of my entire life while I’m sailing. I love you and I couldn’t be here without you.

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