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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

May 03, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 03 May 2014

Callie Bateson, Rollins College


Beach Day Adventure, Stop #1

Ship's Log

Docked in St. George’s Bermuda
wind speed, cloud cover, air temperature

Hello from Bermuda! Today was our last full day at port in Bermuda so we made sure to get in as many adventures as possible. With all-day bus passes in hand, all 14 students set out early in the morning for the other side of the island.

Although we had plans of going to a beach on the south side of Bermuda, we had no particular beach in mind. This led to an educated guess as to where our first stop of the day should be, and we made the right decision! The bus stop that we happened to choose was an exclusive beach hidden behind a new and unoccupied apartment complex. We ventured our way down a path and stumbled upon a beach oasis surrounded by massive walls of volcanic rock and sand. This beach was definitely in my top 5 most beautiful places that I had ever seen.

Here, we explored the beach, ate some morning snacks (we are really starting to get used to 6 meals a day), and played a couple rounds of our favorite game, Ninja. While exploring we came across some very cool things, such as a puffer fish, Portuguese man of war (don’t worry parents, we didn’t touch it!) and some beach crabs. We also happened upon the many types of pollution that we had been shown at BIOS the previous day and some notable trash such as two ocean-degraded motorcycles and multiple pair-less shoes. Who throws motorcycles into the ocean??

After we spent a couple of hours at our own private beach, we decided to move more westward along the bus route to a place called Horseshoe Beach. This spot had many more tourists, but we grabbed some lunch and happily headed to the beach for some more sunshine. This beach was the perfect spot for snorkeling with the many resident fish and climbing the numerous tall rocks for a fantastic view of the coastline. As the day progressed, our hearts began to grow heavy with the thoughts of our week in Bermuda coming to an end. Thoroughly coated in salt and sand, we headed home to Mama Cramer.

Next stop, New York City!

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