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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

May 01, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 01 May 2014

Brandon O’Brien, Cornell University


Doing science!

Ship's Log

Docked in St.George’s Bermuda
Partly Cloudy, 19°C, Winds East, Force 3

Science Update!

Our arrival in Bermuda has not halted the steady march of science on board the Corwith Cramer! In between exciting field trips and some much-needed rest, students have been fighting the good fight to finish up molecular work for their projects. DNA extractions and PCR amplifications must be finished by Friday morning so that samples can be flown back to Woods Hole with MBL scientist Linda Amaral-Zettler for sequencing at the facilities there. While the shore tempts us with such marvelous treasures as grassy knolls, sandy beaches, internet connections, and ice cream, we valiantly sacrificed our free time and persevered in the ship’s lab. More sleepless nights. Hoping that everything works, that the extractions were fruitful and the primers are correct, crossing fingers as we run gels to see if our efforts were successful, or if we need to try running those samples again. There is frustration amongst the students at having freedom seemingly just out of reach. To be staring with bloodshot eyes at spreadsheets, while outside the sun shines warmly on palm trees and blue waters.

But fear not! Our diligence will soon be rewarded. Today has been the last day of the molecular marathon, and we are wrapping up our work. Team Hydroid was the first to finish getting their DNA amplified and data organized, followed closely behind by Team Phyllosoma. As of writing this, Team Microbe is squaring away one last PCR run, and Team Lepto is making good progress as well. Tomorrow our samples will be boxed up and taken away, to be sequenced and analyzed while we continue our sailing voyage. Then, the students will be rewarded with free time at last, to explore Bermuda as they please. All hard work does not go unnoticed, and we will all thoroughly enjoy this well-earned day of freedom and exploration. Plans are already in the works for expeditions to the far corners of Bermuda in search of the crystal caves, pink sand beaches, and tide pools teeming with life.

At last, adventure awaits!


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