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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 28, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 28 February 2014

Emily Tradd


Pigeon Beach in Antigua

Ship's Log

Current Position
16° 44.1’’N x 061° 43.1’’W
South of Antigua heading towards Union Island
Wind force 4 out of the NE x E, 26°C, Seas 6 ft.

After spending about two days ashore in beautiful Antigua it is sad to say goodbye but it is good to get back to the routine of watch schedules, class, meals, etc. My time spent in Antigua was filled with exploration of Falmouth Harbor and St. Johns and much time spent at Pigeon Beach. This peaceful beach was pretty unpopulated and overlooked the harbor where many incredible yachts were anchored. Some of these boats just finishing up a 600 mile race. I met many wonderful people from places such as New Zealand, England, Brazil and more. Many of the younger people I met had come to Antigua to work on yachts as deckhands, steward assistants, etc.

Today in class it was very interesting to hear each student’s response to our time in Antigua especially in regards to our group projects. These projects were split up into research topics being marine resources, agriculture, tourism, outside investment, and history/culture. The majority of the information gathered by students was from general observation but also from talking to people on the island. Mo, Max, and I researched Antigua’s use of marine resources. We gathered that the most prevalent use of their marine resource is the yachting industry. There is a ton of business centralized around the yacht clubs. Another marine resource I noticed in St. Johns was a large fish market surrounded by a dock where small local fishing boats were bringing in fresh fish for sale. Based on the observations of all of the students, we agreed that Antigua relies heavily on tourism and yachting, which creates a seasonal hike in their economy. We also discovered that Antigua is extremely rich in history and culture, as is much of the Caribbean.

After leaving Antigua, we have been sailing towards Guadalupe’s Eastern side. We are still fighting to make East and it seems we will be for several more days! Last night on evening watch we spotted bioluminescent trails caused by dolphins swimming alongside our boat! This was quite the sight to see! Anyways, I have Midwatch tonight which I think most of us could say is the hardest to stay energetic through so it’s time for a nap before one of our wonderful meals prepared by the best stewards ever, Becky and Jenny!

Lots of love from all of us aboard the Cramer!

Hi Mom! Love you and miss you lots! Give the dogs a snuggle for me! Olivejuice
Ben, a huge hug and smile from all of us! We miss you buddy! One love! xoxo

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