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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 23, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 23 March 2014

Meryl Friets


Part of a yacht sailing race we caught entering the Sir Francis Drake Channel through the Virgin Islands, some gorgeous fast boats out there!

Ship's Log

18°15.5’ N x 064°47.9’ W
5 knots
Winds ESE force 3, seas SE 3 ft. 26.2°C

Last full night on board and underway! As the ship(and us) is headed south to St. Croix, students and staff alike are soaking up every last bit of sailing that they can before we dock. As Emily touched upon, these last few days have been a great reflection period for all involved. Last night was the famous “Swizzle” party, which was a barrel of laughs to say the least. All had the chance to get up and perform something of their choice. Songs, poems, reenactments and gifts were distributed. Jess stole the show with his rewrite of the sea shanty “Paddy Lay Back” into “The Cramer is Back”(a couple of versus are posted below) and C-watch tried their best to reenact Pirates of the Caribbean. The rest of “Swizzle” will remain a mystery; you will just have to come on the boat to experience it for yourself! For me, this trip has been everything I needed and wanted plus more. My expectations have been far exceeded in the best way. The sea draws me in like no other, I don’t know how I am going to ever leave this ship! I learned not only a wealth of information about sailing, but I have also had the chance to learn about myself and what I need to be happy. The Corwith Cramer has provided not only me, but all the other students and staff a platform for growth. It is challenging but exciting, long and exhausting but extremely rewarding. Each and every one of us has had to overcome our fears and challenge ourselves to work just a little bit harder every day. And all of this is worth it to sail, stand lookout, or gaze at the bright stars that shine over us every night. Our stories abound and our hearts are full of the love and care that student and staff alike have for the sea and each other.

Hi mom, dad, soph and the rest of the crazy blended and extended. I miss you and love you. Talk soon.

Shout outs:
Shadow Croaking Frog – “shout out to the forest of croaking frogs”
Gabster says “vous embrasse tes fort!” (sends some love to all humans)

Anne says I can’t wait to see all the Minnesotans!!!

“The Cramer is Back”
Twas a sunny and windy mornin’ I remember (remember)
When the Corwith Cramer sailed off to sea (sea, sea)
Though we did not know a thing about sailin (sailin)
Our hearts were full of wanderlust and glee (glee, glee)

The Cramer is back (The Cramer is back)
Take in the slack (Take in the slack)
Ballerina toss the Neuston overboard (Overboard)
About ship’s stations we’ll be handy
We’re bound to use a couple things we’ve learned.

Eliot is our master and commander
There’s nothing his eagle eyes don’t see
If we ever encounter disaster
Were prepared as were ever gonna be

Our chief mates hair is getting kinda salty.
He’s every little mermaids secret dream.
But C-watch jibber jabber drives him crazy
He just wants to teach them all the sailor things

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