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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 20, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 20 March 2014

Courcelle Stark


Maia deploying the argofloat!

Ship's Log

17° 07.2’N x 064° 07.2’W
Hove to for science!
force 3 winds, a few cumulus clouds, a lovely 27° C

Hello everyone! We are all enjoying sailing downwind and also realizing how very different it feels. The sailing is much smoother, but the helm takes a bit more attention. I personally am enjoying the new areas of shade on the foredeck.

This morning, A-watch set the raffee for the first time this entire trip. It is a little triangular sail that sits at the very top of the topsail. It is super challenging to set because it actually has to be hauled up from the deck, so it took us a few tries to get it right. But, we all felt pretty accomplished when we got it up there. We struck it at the end of our watch to make sure we would be in the right location for our special science deployment!

We did an unusual deployment today called an Argo float. In an effort to better understand the ocean, WHOI has asked us to deploy a float that can collect data about ocean currents and conditions for up to ten years. Along with deploying this very serious scientific equipment, we also did a “styrocast.” We designed Styrofoam cups with Jade’s wonderful sharpies, which will come back much smaller from the depths of the ocean. 

We had a fantastic birthday celebration for Kyle who turned 22 today. We sang him a birthday song before class and then enjoyed some delicious cake after class. Layers of vanilla cake with chocolate frosting in an artistic lego shape. So much love for Jenny and Bex, yay galley!

Today was the final crunch for our projects. We finished up presentations strong and all that remains is to submit our final papers. I have realized just how challenging it is to get work done and run a boat at the same time AND get enough sleep. I have become quite a champion sleeper, a few hours here and there does the trick. I even slept through someone sitting on me by accident.

I cannot wait to enjoy our last few days sailing with all these wonderful people! I have never spent this much time constantly surrounded by the same people, and I am surprised to find that I love the community that we have built.

I don’t want to leave!


P.S. The only reason I am not stowing away on the Cramer forever is because I miss my wonderful family and ice cream. See you soon Mom and Dad xxoo

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