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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 18, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 18 February 2014

Lenna Quackenbush


Sun setting over the port side of the ship.

Ship's Log

Current Position
19° 45.4’’ N x 65° 11.3’’ W
5 knots
course ordered: Full and by. Course steered 150° per ships compass (PSC)
wind ExN, beaufort forces 5. Cumulus clouds covering 3/8ths of the sky. Temperature 26°C

As the first student blogger on our trip, I would like to formally say “Hello” from the class of C-251! We are now fully immersed in all parts of ship life, from handling sails on the deck, to science, to helping in the galley. Sometimes it feels as though we are learning a different language with the amount of new information and vocabulary coming our way.

We are adjusting to the watch schedule and trying to determine our sleeping schedules. With every new watch comes a new experience, including watching the sun rise or set or sailing under a brilliant moon and a sky filled with more stars than I have ever seen before.

We have been alone in this vast ocean most of the trip, with an exception last night when we passed a little under three nautical miles from a large cargo ship and the few common boobies that have been visiting us.

While there is so much to do on the ship I look forward to a stop in Antigua, which is approaching steadily. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about Caribbean culture and history.

To all of our family, friends and loved ones we miss you.

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