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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 15, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 15 March 2014

Jenny Ray, Steward


Becky passing out candy in the doghouse.

Ship's Log

14°46.1’N x 061°26.6’W
4.5 knots
Force 3, ExN
amazing blue
Air Temperature

Greetings from the Galley! Team galley is the smallest team on the ship – just Becky “the brain” Slattery and myself, Jenny “J.Ray” or “Cricket” Ray. Together, with the help of Roxy (our temperamental diesel stove), Lola (the boiler), and many helpful students who stop by when they aren’t busy with other ship’s business, we make three meals and three snacks every day. A normal day begins at 0430 when we make breakfast, get a head start on the day’s snacks, and make other staples such as bread, yogurt, and granola. These tasks keep Becky and I busy through lunchtime, after which we break and have time to attend class and rest up before tackling dinner. Roxy finally gets a rest after dinner for “galley clean-up”—when the evening and mid watches each night do a quick and thorough cleaning of the galley, readying it for the next day.

Today was a very special day for our department because of field day (!!!!!). As some students mentioned before, field day is when everyone takes a few hours and deep-cleans the ship. Students get to listen to music and have candy. Even Captain Rappaport, Craig, and Chuck get involved. Traditionally, field day is the stewards’ day of rest. We get to enjoy a shorter day with a break in the middle while A Watch scours the galley. This is the tastiest of treats for us – time to sit in the sunshine and watch Martinique, St. Lucia, and Dominica in the distance, excited students, and a sparkling clean galley to top it all off. By now, students have done field day three times and do everything quickly, which left them time to enjoy the gorgeous weather and work on reviewing each other’s papers.

Students have recently started to take interest in helping with galley tasks other than washing dishes while on watch. We’ve had many “galley guest stars” lately that have helped shape bread, roll sushi, run things to the table so that everything goes out on time, and of course, taste test. We are truly grateful to have help from the crew and students. Field day was a great success that we wrapped up with another tradition—pizza dinner!

Peace and carrots,

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