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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 12, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 12 March 2014

Joe Messere, Chief Engineer


Students and staff preparing our two small boats for shore excursions.

Ship's Log

Current Position
13° 11.7’’N x 061° 20.1’‘W
346 true
3.4 knots
E x N , Force 4
4/8ths Cumulus
Air Temperature
25° C

Hey friends and family! We put to sea again from Bequia today after having a few days to enjoy one of my new favorite spots in the Caribbean. This place was wonderful and the thing that made it so enjoyable was the people. The first thing I saw when going ashore was a little boy named Chadwick who was fishing near the dingy dock… from the refrigerator he was paddling! Chadwick and his friends met us on the docks several times to hang out and dance.

I was very lucky to meet a local business owner, Andy, who happens to also build and sail traditional double-ended racing boats and he was kind enough to show me the boatyard and explain the improvements he’’s making to the traditional design. It was awesome to see a new build right next to an antique boat he’s refurbishing, hopefully both in time for their Easter Regatta (everyone in town is excited). Many of the people I talked to were very proud of the Bequian crews that have worked on other traditional sailing ships over the years that our crew is familiar with and I certainly had no idea how much impact they make on our community!

Rodney, a local boat operator who helped me carry some fuel cans to the small boat, said he’‘s seen the Cramer coming into Bequia occasionally for something like 20 years and he’’s always thrilled when she tucks into Admiralty Bay. Rodney met some of the students the other day and, like Andy, was thrilled to hear about the scientific research that the students do while underway. They were both genuinely impressed that our students take on valuable research and learning the world of ship handling at the same time. That’s a great complement coming from people who have made their living from the sea. Overall, Bequia felt very much like home because of the warm people who invited us to come stay a while, to return soon, and wished us all the best sailing. 

Thanks to all of our friends in Bequia for a great time and thanks to all the friends and family at home for checking in on our adventures!


Shout outs today come from Becky who says “No fish yet, dad” (guess we should’’ve learned a few tricks from Chadwick) and from Matt who says hi to his friends at the Charlestown Navy Yard and FRLA.

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