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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 23, 2020

C-295, Caribbean Reef Expedition


C-295, Caribbean Reef Expedition

Students enrolled in SEA Semester Class C-295, Caribbean Reef Expedition, join the SSV Corwith Cramer in Key West on Nov. 23rd for a month-long voyage in the Florida Reef Tract, ending in Key West on Dec. 23rd. There are no scheduled port stops.


Kyrie Newby, Colorado College
Megan Dear, Mount Holyoke College
Aria Berryman, Oberlin College
Sarah Hutchinson, Dartmouth College
Sylvia Holland, Wellesley College
Drew Patty, Berkshire School/Middlebury College
Schuyler Luthy, Colorado College
Lena Albert, Unity College
Ceilidh Shea, Colorado College
Lindsay Campbell, Bainbridge High School/Stevens Institute of Technology
Aleeya Malik, Stevens High School
Noah Rixom, Cornerstone Christian Academy
Grace Evans, Colorado College
Emma Stout, Tufts University
Emma Bowman, Wellesley High School/Hamilton College
Katie McKenna, Juneau-Douglas High School/Williams College
Daniel Basa, Eckerd College
Caroline O'Connor, Brearley School/Columbia University
Eleanor Bowen, Connecticut College
Timothy First, Concord Academy/Connecticut College


Master: Allison Taylor
Chief Mate: Rocky Bonner
Mate: Megan Frey
Mate: Sara Vanderleest
Engineer: Dana Whitney
Steward: Ashley Look
Chief Scientist: Heather Page
Assistant Scientist: Bonny Clarke
Assistant Scientist: Olivia Lord
Assistant Scientist: Lila Glansberg
Reef Hand: Kalina Grabb
Sailing Intern: Nichole Padovano
Sailing Intern: Katherine "Katey" Christianson

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#1. Posted by Jean bowen on November 26, 2020

It is a wonderful opportunity. Work hard and enjoy



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