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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 27, 2015

Birthday On-Board!

Nicole Harbordt, B Watch, SUNY-ESF

Nicole H. processing pH samples in the lab. Photo credit: Elle Nakamura

Ship's Log

Current Position
43° 13.1’ S x 173° 11.4’ E

Course & Speed
075°; East at 6.8 knots

Sail Plan
Jib, Fore Stays’l, Mainsl, and Main Stays’l are set

Mostly overcast, sporadic drizzles

Souls on Board

Our first full day on-board and everyone is just starting to get accustomed to standing watch, working in the lab, the sporadic sleep schedules, and the constant rolling motion of Mama Seamans. We have learned so much in the past few days, allowing everyone to jump right into all of the roles onboard. I am so impressed with all of the hard work and dedication of my fellow shipmates. The support everyone has for each other as we slowly adjust to ship life is unmatched, and the community here is growing strong.

Today marked not only the day of my first watch, but also my 21st birthday. Standing the midwatch, from 2300 to 0300, it was dark and quiet on deck. I started at the helm, steering the ship into the abysmal blackness of the night. The occasional light from a distance boat was a simple reminder that we are not too far off shore yet. When the clock struck midnight, there I was at the helm in control of our vessel’s direction, when my birthday officially began. And what a birthday celebration we had! We stayed up till 3am, saw some glowing waves and dancing dolphins, woke up wearing the same clothes from the day before, ate delicious chocolate and raspberry brownies, all while many of us hung to the rail as we threw up over the side. Sounds like a typical 21st birthday to me! I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people on this special day. Standing watch, working in the lab, and observing the beautiful seascape around us, I cannot think of a more special and memorable way to celebrate a birthday. A quick shout out to my mother, a million thanks always. Looking forward to the many more memories to come on this exciting adventure we have all just begun!

- Nicole

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#1. Posted by MONICA DURAN on March 27, 2015

I hope you have a nice birthday Nicolle!!!!

#2. Posted by Kurt Harbordt on March 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!
Glad to hear your birthday was so special.
We love you,

#3. Posted by David Lograsso on March 27, 2015

Sounds like another good “chum” session for all the aquatic sea life following the Ship….We’ve seen this before!  Nice to hear your getting your sea legs…. Happy 21st. Birthday Nicole.

#4. Posted by Marybeth & Bob on March 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Nicole! What a great way to celebrate! You will always remember what a special 21st birthday you had. Love-MB&Bob;

#5. Posted by Fareya Zubair on March 28, 2015

Happy birthday Nicole!!! I am glad you had a ‘typical’ 21st birthday! Looking forward to reading all of the adventures you and your shipmates have!

#6. Posted by Cheryl m on March 29, 2015

So excited for you!!  We are all thinking of you! Look forward to reading about your journey! Love, Cheryl

#7. Posted by Diane on March 30, 2015

Happy belated birthday Nicole! You’ll never forget #21!

#8. Posted by Jess Mazelon on March 30, 2015

Sounds like a typical 21st birthday alright! Can’t wait to read more smile So excited for you!! Hope you found your sea legs by now.

#9. Posted by Roberta -Michae'ls Mom on March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday! What a place to celebrate. Sounds like the sea sickness is setting in, hope everyone gets adjusted quickly. Have a great journey!



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