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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 28, 2016

Big Science Push!!!!!!!

Alesia Hunter, A Watch, Beloit College

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

CTD deployments

Ship's Log

Description of location
North Sargasso Sea


4 kts

Partly cloudy skies, BF 3, 29° C

Souls on Board

Hey Everyone!!! We have made it to the North Sargasso Sea. It has been science all day today for me. A-Watch (my watch team) started our day of with a presentation on the coral reefs that are present in Bermuda from our visiting professor, Dr. Robbie Smith. I also got to work in the lab this morning during my watch, we completed a 100 count of the midnight Neuston net tow, and I got to do my first morning deployment of our CTD and Neuston net. We have been catching a lot of plastic these last couple of days, which is pretty depressing. Wish it were Sargassum, but the hunt continues.

It was all hands on deck for science today in class. All of our research groups met with the chief scientist, Dr. Amy Siuda. We were able to figure out the new direction our projects were going to take based on the samples that we have been able to collect and had a good amount of time to start the processing of our the samples that we have collected. My team and I were grinding up our dried samples of Sargassum getting them ready for extraction. Cross your fingers and hope that team Sargassum have good results. Tonight everyone is working on finishing up the introductions for the manuscripts of our group research projects (due tonight).

I hope all my loved ones are doing well, Feel better Daddy-O!!!

- Alesia

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#1. Posted by Anne Hein/momma on April 29, 2016

Hopefully those count findings will become reversed as your voyage continues.  In the meantime you still have something to work with and your plastic info will be helpful to Dr. Lavander Law. Her upcoming study of plastics in the oceans sounds intriguing and timely. Her picture was featured along with the article of her work, I see a lot of Lavander Family similarities in the faces of her nieces & nephews that went to highschool with Marina. Marina you should tell them about the play hijinks you were all in, Of course I’m embarrassing you.
Marina, you made the local paper!  I did submit the info to the Trempealeau County Times that the SEA program sent to all families to publish in their papers.  I was told “we’ll assign someone to followup on this”  Then this week I had 2 calls saying they read about you! Of course I had not as picked up our mail, I have now! smile
May you enjoy Fair Waether and Following Seas, Goodnight.
Momma Anne Hein

#2. Posted by Elizabeth Chase on April 30, 2016

Why aren’t you finding as much Sargassum as expected? Also, please tell Walter his mother says Hi and hopes he is using enough sun block.

#3. Posted by Caitlin C. on May 01, 2016

Dear Meg,

I hope that you are having a fantastic time and that your adventure is as exciting as Finding Nemo. How are your tiny eel larvae? I looked them up and it’s insane how many eggs they lay.

Maple the dog continues to miss you and to stare at Shelf for the greater part of the day. She is enjoying the new roommates and therefore keeps breaking into their rooms. Yesterday she brought me someone else’s shredded flip flops. She will be thrilled to go on beach runs with you when you return.

Enjoy your time on land!! I hope you get to take a real shower!!


#4. Posted by Deborah Carr on May 01, 2016

Hello to Meg and all on the Corwith Cramer!  Are you there, yet?  Bermuda, I mean.  I do love checking the entries every day and following your progress.  I think of you often and especially when I walk on the beach.  Hope all is well.  Enjoy Bermuda!



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