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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 13, 2018

Big Mouthed Frog

Davi Hertz, Rhodes College


Above: Me, easing the main sheet while underway; below: One of the sailing interns, Mike (who we all call Big Time) driving the rescue boat to one of our reef surveys

Ship's Log

At anchor off Antigua

Souls on board

Hi Momma (and everyone else who's reading this),

I know I've been able to talk to you a few times since boarding the Cramer, but I want to make sure you're still reading all the blog posts! I hope everything is going well at home, I can promise you they're wonderful here in the Caribbean. There's plenty of scrapes and bruises scattered around my body, but I'd assume you're not surprised by that since you have such a clumsy daughter. My worst bruise so far is from when I stepped off the bowsprit at 2 in the morning after furling the Jib, I couldn't help but kick my shin as hard as possible into the stairs. Despite my bumps and bruises, I am well intact and surprisingly have been okay with my freshwater showers once every three days. When I begrudgingly told you that I could take as many saltwater showers as I wanted, I was unaware of how refreshing they'd become.

I want to tell you all the fun things we've done while being at anchor, but days don't make sense anymore so I am unaware of how long we were in Montserrat. Despite my inability to tell time, I can still recall glimpses of what happened. A highlight I know you'll enjoy is that I've had ice cream 3 times recently which is a big deal since we don't have any ice cream on the boat. It's no Stew Leonard's ice cream, but it definitely hit the spot!

On my last day in Montserrat I hiked up to the top of a hill with a bunch of the faculty and my fellow classmate, Maria. Although I complained most of the way up, once we got to the top we were able to see the Corwith Cramer from a pretty cool angle and afterwards laid in a field of grass for a while which was a relaxing way to end an eventful day. After the hike I had a nice cold Ting which was incredible refreshing! A Ting is a carbonated grapefruit soda and despite it sounding gross, it's actually delicious!

Today I was assistant steward which means I didn't have to stand watch at all and instead got to help Ger in the galley. GUESS WHAT I MADE FOR DINNER, MOM! Chicken pot pie! Although it was pretty good, I'm excited to make some with you when I get home (think we can use the sourdough starter for the crust?). Aside from making chicken pot pie, being assistant steward is great because I just get to cook, read and work on projects all day.

While on board I've read 4 and a half books, this may make you think that I haven't also been doing my school work, but you would be incredibly wrong. I've worked on my Grenada Island project, my Practical Oceanographic Research project and have had to complete two checklists for my Leadership in a Dynamic Environment class. Although I am finding time to relax, it seems as though most of time is spent on watch, sleeping, or working.

Sorry to all of you who aren't my mom and had to read this jumbled mess. It's incredibly hard to keep things straight while living the boat life, so the only way to truly convey the beautiful chaotic mess that I'm living through is with more chaotic typing ( I cannot refer to my writing as beautiful, just chaotic). And to those of you who aren't my mom, but are close family and friends, get ready because this chaotic ball of crazy will be back in the states in just 10 days. AGHHH 10 DAYS!! I'm so excited to come home but cannot imagine what my life is going to be like without being constantly surrounded by all the beautiful people, things, and places that have become such a constant presence in my life over the past three months.

Goodbye and see you soon!


P.S @ Mom or Jake, please give Riley an extra big hug and kiss for me. Also @Jake, I leave for Memphis on Jan 7 so if you could get Stinkbug for an extended period of time prior to that I would be forever grateful!! Miss you and love you all!!

P.P.S @ Big Time's (Mike) mom here's a picture of him so you don't forget what your son looks like!

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#1. Posted by Eileen Lashinsky on December 17, 2018

Hi Davi!
We all can’t wait to see you and hear all about your adventures!!  Sooooo excited!!



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