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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 04, 2016

Bienvenidos a Mallorca

Jared Moelaart, Eckerd College

The Global Ocean: Europe

Ship's Log

Souls on Board

Hola amigos y familia,

It's been three days since our departure from the Port de Barcelona, and we arrived in style as a class to Mallorca, currently docked at Porto Pi, a naval base near Palma at around 1000. After an all hands lunch, students and faculty were free to take some time to explore land for the first time in three days. Students noted patterns of tourism, commercial shipping, and immigration as we are working on our papers for Maritime History and Culture. I don't think there could be a better place to do so as we simultaneously navigated local parks, restaurants, and cathedrals that the island had to offer.

This seems to be one of the first chances I have had to take the time and sit down and reflect upon my experience aboard the Corwith Cramer thus far, which primarily tells me one thing- that we have all been quite busy! The watch system allows for students to be broken up into smaller groups, paired with a watch officer, assistant scientist, and sailing intern- all of whom are extremely helpful in making us feel situated and comfortable aboard, but also enjoy challenging and pushing us to new places we have not gone before (sometimes quite literally, I am still awaiting my chance to climb the mast).

The excitement and anticipation has seemed to build for Mallorca as we neared the island within the last 24 hours, but our focus while at sea is always on the quality of the sailing. I have learned quickly that the ship is no place to lose sight of your shipmates and those that rely on you to do your job thoroughly and efficiently. Teamwork is expected and required from everyone in order to run the ship successfully, and I feel a genuine, sincere sense of accomplishment and pride when any task or job is completed.

However, it does not always feel like the stereotypical job when your task is to man the helm during a night watch under the most incredible cluster of stars, planets, and satellites most of us have ever seen. Can't forget to mention the dolphins and sunsets as well- Tuition well spent.

On a more serious note though, the majority of us and myself included are striving to learn new things every day, including new lines, new routines, new course material, new people, and even new things about ourselves. Our class is full of motivated individuals all looking to encourage and learn from each other. This has been an incredible first stretch of the voyage so far, but there is still much to look forward to at sea and at the rest of the port stops. For now, I'll be trying to live in the present as much as possible in order to soak in this crazy, unique experience. It truly is a wonderful opportunity to stretch to new physical and mental heights with crew and faculty that are fully on board with that goal.

- Jared

PS: Missing all my friends and family a ton, but massive thanks to Mom and Dad for making this all possible and supporting me in decisions like these throughout life so far- love you both!

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#1. Posted by Linda Glass on October 05, 2016

I want to tell all of you how much enjoyment I am getting from reading the blogs. They are warm, insightful, funny, informative, and so heartfelt! I’m guessing I speak for more than just myself when I say I have deep respect and admiration for all the courage and curiosity you each embody in this most amazing of journey’s! Sending love and wishes for continued “fair winds”!

#2. Posted by Linda Glass on October 05, 2016

Just want to say how immensely enjoyable all your blog posts are! Heartfelt, informative, insightful—and the best part is it helps to not feel like you are so (very) far away! Deep respect for all your curiosity and courage! Here is to continued “fair winds!”❤️

#3. Posted by Brett Peterson on October 05, 2016

Wow this is so cool!! You sure are doing great things and what a way to do it!! I love reading the blogs and find it fascinating, scary and exciting ! Enjoy it all - be safe and have fun!!! Look forward to watching you along this journey!

#4. Posted by Jared Moelaart on October 05, 2016

We are really enjoying the blogs and are so happy that you are fully immersed into the work academically and as a crew member. So proud of you

#5. Posted by Mindy Mayer on October 06, 2016

To the Crew of SSV Corwith Cramer,

Greetings from sunny New Orleans!  We have been reading your excellent blog entries with excitement and great interest in all you are experiencing.  We are thinking about all of you and sending love.

Wishing you fair winds and following seas,

Mark and Mindy Mayer


#6. Posted by Ann martin on October 06, 2016

Hi Jared, so exciting to be following you. Sending you lots of love. Nana



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