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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 29, 2017

Beach Cleanup and Moana

Nicole Capozzi & Gayatri Singla, Pingree High School & Head-Royce School

SEA Semester

Above: beach cleanup. Below: Allison finds a fishing net on the beach.

We awoke this morning at 6:45 (or 5:50 to those of us that shower in the morning and have to share a bathroom with 7 other people) to the fabulous smell of breakfast sandwiches and coffee. After breakfast (thanks Sabrina!), we journeyed to the Madden Center, pumped for the morning beach cleanup. Upon our arrival, we entered the lecture hall to the startling news that we happened to be 30 minutes early (I could have slept until 6:20), and that we had an hour long lecture before we went to the beach. We heard from Mr. Jeffrey Brodeur, part of NOAA’s Woods Hole National Sea Grant, about marine debris and microplastics. We discussed how these products enter the ocean and the harm they cause to the environment (fun fact: cigarette butts and filters are the number one items found during beach cleanups).

Following the talk, we broke up into our watch groups (Sirius watch is the best!!) (I disagree - Orion is better) to competitively clean up Racing Beach. We found quite a bit of empty alcohol bottles (and Sam found some full bottles - he didn’t drink them, don’t worry), tons of cigarettes, and lots of rope. Pegasus watch won, Sirius came in second (woop woop), Phoenix came in third, and Orion lost (it was pitiful).

We made the long trek back to campus, ready for lunch. We were greeted by the pleasant aroma of soup and biscuits (thanks again to Sabrina!).  After lunch, a few of us traversed back up to Madden to do yoga (courtesy of Tasha), which was extremely relaxing after the early morning (I almost fell asleep). Others of us remained back at the cabins and chilled.

Around 1400 hours we mustered by the picnic tables to prepare for the adventure into the center of Falmouth (almost everyone came). We wandered around until around 1700 hours (Some of us got food at a really good French cafe - our chocolate chip cookies were fabulous- and others shopped). We were vanned home by our majestic resident advisors (shoutout to Maria, Emma, and Tasha), and we arrived back at the cabins to another hour of free time (during which I almost passed out).
We met up again at 1800 hours for dinner (baked potato bar and cool ranch doritos) (yes Sabrina!!)  Then, we returned to Madden for the third time for a movie night, featuring Moana and all of our fabulous singing voices (thank you Maria for singing the songs with us). Now we are in study hall. Doing minimal homework. Of which we have much. Due Monday.

Overall we had a good day, even though the weather wasn’t the greatest.  Now we’re looking forward to being able to sleep in until 8:45 (finally don’t have to set an alarm for when I have to shower). Soon we will be off to bed, dreaming of tomorrow: the beach, warm weather, and no class.

Signing off,
Nicole and Gayatri

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#1. Posted by Kai Parlett on August 01, 2017

Wow… Pegasus watch winning stuff both sessions…. Must be Sabrina… smile



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