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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

January 17, 2017

Back on Land! (For Now)

Trevor Holm, A Watch, Miami University

SEA Semester

Time Ashore

Ship's Log

Current Position
18° 05.4’ N x 065° 27.6’ W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Anchored in Sun Bay, Vieques

Sail Plan
Stay anchored overnight and depart for San Juan tomorrow

Skies are calm, little clouds or wind. Around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today was a day unlike the last six or seven. I was woken up around 1030 after a much needed long night's rest, and was told we were going swimming! That was quite a change of pace from being awoken at 0620 for watch duties. I put on my swim suit and went up on deck to find we were anchored in beautiful Sun Bay off of an island called Vieques. About an hour later, we got debriefed on all the swimming rules, and then they let us go at it! It was really nice being able to relax and take in our surroundings in such a way. The water was warm and was extremely refreshing. After about a half hour of swimming, it was time to get back on board.

That wasn’t where the fun ended however, next up we were going to hang out on Vieques for a little bit. Of course this held lots of exciting implications, solid ground for one. Solid ground is just one of those things you take for granted and don’t really miss until you go out to sea for more than a day. There were two separate groups going ashore at two different times, so one could stay back and watch the ship. Sadly, A watch was broken up and most went to land in the first group, and I went to land in the second. This wasn’t a huge deal because I have made friends with all the watches, so any group arrangement works. The first group left for the island at 1300 and we went to doing our duties.

Finally, 1530 arrived and it was our time to go to Vieques. We arrived on the beaches in our emergency boat, and the environment was just gorgeous. There was just so much to take in! We made our way to a local café and I had an awesome chicken quesadilla while sitting outside and listening to local music. After that was the main event: snorkeling. This has been on my bucket list for a long time and I was super excited to finally go. We made our way into the water and put our flippers and masks on, then began snorkeling. The reef had undergone some bleaching (basically a draining of color in the corals) but there were still lots of beautiful fish and crustaceans to be seen! We spent about an hour snorkeling, which was just as amazing as I hoped, and then had to make our back onto the boat for the night. Today was a great day of relaxation after a few long days and nights of sailing.


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