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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 18, 2017

Another Field Trip!

Katie Livingston, Wellesley College, B Watch, Wellesley College

Rudy, Will, and Hannah climbing on rocks near the Treaty Grounds

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Anchored in Kororareka Bay

Pretty chilly and rainy all day

Souls on Board

Hello all!

Today was our second day anchored off of Russell and we took a field trip to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. Many of us wore full yellow foul weather gear to stay dry in the rain, which resulted in many confused looks and inquiries as to why we were dressed like banana slugs.

When we arrived at the Treaty Grounds after a nice, but rainy, walk, we took some time to explore the museum. The museum presented a phenomenal timeline of the events leading up to the signing of the Treaty, and the events that followed. For those reading at home who are not familiar with the Treaty of Waitangi, it is the document that the Maori leaders signed that made New Zealand part of the British Empire. The museum had many great paintings of the signing of the treaty, a short video reenactment of the treaty signing, many timelines, and other interesting artifacts.

After exploring the museum, we took a short tour of the grounds, which included a lot of background information on the Treaty and a large ceremonial war canoe. Additionally, we attended the “Maori Cultural Experience” portion of the tour, where we saw a traditional Maori welcome ceremony at the Carved Meeting House. The final part of the field trip was when was when we got to eat a traditional Hangi meal for lunch, which was very delicious! This field trip was incredibly interesting and informative!

We also got to spend some time walking around after the field trip, and a few of us decided to get some phenomenal soft serve ice cream on the way back to the boat. Today was definitely an educational day here in the Bay of Islands.

Shout out to Livingstons and friends that may be following along! I miss you all, but I’m loving life here on the boat.

- Katie

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