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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 12, 2019

Aloft and About

Liam Carroll, C Watch


Above: Setting the mains’l; Below; Small ‘kingdom’ of Redonda from a distance; Heading aloft.

Ship's Log

Present Location
18° 29.1’ N x 064° 05.9’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
c/o 010°T psc, 3.3 kts, Sailing under the four lowers (Jib, Forstays’l, Mainstays’l and Mains’l) as well as the Fisherman Stays’l

Winds out of the E x S, mild sea’s and no inclement weather to speak of.

Souls on board

Another wonderful day here aboard the Cramer out in the Sombrero passage just due east of the Sir Francis Drake Chanel.  Today students spent time collecting inventory for galley team, learning the intricacies of plate tectonics in the Caribbean and relaxing out on the course yard aloft for a beautiful sunset over Virgin Gorda.  As time aboard the Cramer shortly comes to close, students, interns and crew are quite busy trying to pack in all the great bits of learning material and information the vessel and its surroundings has to offer.  From calculating LAN (Local Apparent Noon) from using our sextants and Nautical Almanac to tracking squalls on the radar through offset EBLs and VRMs, every day is an opportunity to either further knowledge or learn something new.  It is such a unique experience to be taught by those who are so invested and passionate about what they love to do every day.  To all those who make voyages like this possible, I would like to thank you.  Tomorrow we make landfall in St. John.  Hope all is well and all my best,

- Liam Carroll, C Watch

PS:  Shoutout to the fam and the rest of the gang back home!

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#1. Posted by Charlie carroll ( dad ) on November 13, 2019

Hey Liam !
Thanks for Aloft and About !  Local Apparent Noon !?
A worthy concept to calculate and contemplate !
Regards and gratitude to those sharing the knowledge and skills.
Thanks to Wika for her studious character and deft sketches
of all aboard.
Enjoy every moment !!We miss you !

#2. Posted by Uncle Peter on November 14, 2019

Everyone is so thankful your transit to the Caribbean proved wondrous, fulfilling and safe. grin
The past month plus @ sea is certain to be a memorable milestone in every mates life.
Well done!

#3. Posted by Gram on November 14, 2019

Hi Liam,
Love reading your blogs plus those of your shipmates! What a voyage of discovery. Lucky



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