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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 04, 2016

A Final Blog for C-268!

Ed Sweeney, 1st Assistant Scientist

Historic Seaports

Sun on the Cramer sails

Ship's Log

Current Position
36° 31.9’ N x 006° 17.2’

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Docked in Cadiz, Spain

Sail Plan

Sunny and warm, clear skies… good SUP conditions

Souls on Board

Here we are. Safely in Cadiz on the final day of program. The warm breeze a stark contrast from our cool, cloudy days in Cork at the very beginning of our adventure. And in the same way, our return to the busy land life quite a bit different from our small shipboard world on the vast high seas.

I have yet again the great opportunity to say a few final words to a newly graduated SEA Semester class - the class of C-268, now salty sailors. Remember this amazing experience with the sea and do not forget your connection with it! Those times when you became in tune with your surroundings and appreciated the very moment you had in front of you, behind you or in many cases what lay below you…

"Nowhere in all the sea does life exist in such bewildering abundance as in the surface waters. From the deck of a vessel you may look down, hour after hour, on the shimmering discs of jellyfish, their gently pulsating bells dotting the surface as far as you can see. Or one day you may notice early in the morning that you are passing through a sea that has taken on a brick-red color from billions upon billions of microscopic creatures, each of which contains an orange pigment granule. At noon you are still moving through red seas, and when darkness falls the waters shine with an eerie glow from the phosphorescent fires of yet more billions and trillions of these same creatures."  
-Rachel Carson

Never stop being amazed by the beauty of this earth and all its wonders! Think about the impacts you have in your everyday life, particularly on the oceans of our great watery planet. Make a difference! for you are now all stewards of the sea and all its riches, from the smallest copepods to the largest whales!

Congrats to C-268! You've come so far and learned so much! Fair winds and best of luck in whatever lies ahead for all of you!

- Ed

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