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February 21, 2017

A Day in the Galley

Kristina Oney, B Watch, Wellesley College

Sunny day in the village of Russell

Ship's Log

Current Position
35° 15.937’ S x 17° 06.926’ E

Anchored in Kororareka Bay

Clear skies, it was a beautiful day!

Souls on Board

This morning I woke up to the smell of bacon filling the air around me. I know this meant that Sabrina (our wonderful steward) was coming to wake me up soon. Sure enough, at 0545, she came by my bunk and delivered my wake up call. Today, I was the Steward's Assistant. This meant that instead of joining my watch for our normal sea watches, I got to help out in the galley. I also was in charge of planning out the meals for today. The menu for breakfast included potato pancakes; luckily, Elsbeth was the Steward's Assistant the day before and had planned to make potato pancakes for afternoon snack, translating to more sleep for me, since the potato pancakes were made yesterday!

Around 1000, we anchored in Russell! By this time, Sabrina and I had already cut up all the fresh vegetables and finished baking the last batch of pita chips to put out with house-made hummus and glorified ranch dressing (it's called the green goddess, so naturally it has to be good). Everyday, we eat three square meals along with a morning snack around 1000, an afternoon snack around 1530, and a midnight sweetie. You could say we eat a lot aboard the Robert C. Seamans; however, we truly need all the fuel as we are working, learning, and sleeping around the clock. After preparing snack, I helped prepare for our dinner and breakfast. I successfully chopped 18 onions without crying, as well as preparing pesto pasta, chicken sausage, and a spring salad for lunch before we set out to explore Russell.

After lunch, around 1300, we hopped into the small motor boats to get onto the island. After a couple of hauls back and forth, we all made it to land. The highlight of today was definitely hiking around the island and exploring the small town around us. It was beautiful and full of life. The vegetation was surreal, as were the breath-taking views. After cooling off for a while in the ocean, some of us hiked up to the Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve. Overall, we had a great first night in Russell. More to come tomorrow! 

- Kristina

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#1. Posted by George Oney on February 28, 2017

Sounds like everyone is really enjoying the life aboard ship!

#2. Posted by Seraphina on February 28, 2017

So cool Kris!! Miss having midnight sweeties with you, but finally looking forward to you taking a turn cooking dinner at home, no excuses now…potato pancakes expected. Missing you and sending love from Newark xx



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