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July 01, 2015

A day in New Bedford!

Hannah Zuckerberg, Westtown School

SEA Semester

Above: Students at the New Bedford Whaling Museum with tour guide Tom. Below, top: Seamen's Bethel in New Bedford, MA. Below, bottom: New Bedford Whaling Museum

Today we took a field trip to New Bedford, MA.  After a long bus ride through torrential rain, we arrived at Bergie's Seafood on the harbor.  The wholesale fishing company buys fresh fish off the boats, fillets the fish, then sells them to most restaurants and markets.  We had a chance to watch up close and personal the filleting process, which was exciting for some but others were grossed out.  After asking the manager Phill all of our questions, we moved onto the Seamen's Bethel.

The Seamen's Bethel opened in 1832 as a place of worship to mourn those lost at sea.  There were plaques around the walls to commemorate friends, family, and crew mates of the fishermen.  It is also the same Bethel referred to in Moby Dick, the movie and the book.

Onwards to the Whaling Museum, which was not only impressive in quality but also quantity.  With only two hours, none of us had time to see the whole thing.  An exciting part was the largest model ship (big enough to walk in) that filled one room.  Another highlight was our historical talk with Tom, who knew a lot about whales.

After a thoroughly educational morning, we had lunch, walked around, and got ice cream.  We walked down the cobble stone roads of New Bedford and looked at the historic buildings that line the streets before heading back to S.E.A..

Back at S.E.A. we had free time to go to the beach or take a nap, followed by dinner, then back to the classroom to begin our leadership training.  We're all exhausted after a long and exciting day!


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#1. Posted by Judy sarna on July 14, 2015

Your article fascinated me thank you for sharing
Judy sarna



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