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July 26, 2015

A day in Falmouth!

Kevin Brown, Inter-Community School

SEA Semester

Above: This is a picture of Anna, Julie and Kevin eating at the French Bakery. Below, top: Here are Sacha and Rachel sitting by the lake enjoying themselves. (Eating Candy) Below, bottom: Alex showing off his bowling skills with a strike!

Today we got to wake up late, at 9:25, instead of waking up at 6:45. Sleeping in was amazing and Marisa prepared a delicious brunch for us. At noon some of us went to Falmouth and some of us went to watch the movie Ant-Man. In town we all split up into small groups and had the opportunity to explore the rich town of Falmouth. In addition we were able to do some shopping and eat some different cuisines. There was French, Mexican, Italian food and much more.

Furthermore, some of us went bowling. Alex and I explained to some of the groups how fun it was and how we enjoyed bowling. This bowling, unlike the traditional bowling, is played with 10 skinny pins and a ball that fits in ones hand as well as containing 3 bowls per round (called Candle pin bowling). After bowling we went out and bought pizza for us to eat at lunch and also went into a lot of stores to look for what they  have to offer. 

In the picture you can see  Alex bowling and he actually got a strike at this throw. He also won both games, I almost beat him at the last game but he beat me by one point. Unlucky. After we came back to camp, we had some free time. After dinner we watched a movie called 180 degree south. Thank you for reading today’s blog.

- Kevin

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