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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 30, 2018

A Whaley Good Day in Stellwagen Bank

Ruthann Monsees, Deckhand


Humpback fluke!

Ship's Log

noon position
42°19.7’N, 70°19.2’W

noon log

ship’s heading

ship’s speed
5.3 knots


Motoring towards our third anchorage near Provincetown, MA

Ship’s crew

Hello, all! Last night, although anchored, we began having the students incorporated into their watch rotations. C watch had the dawn anchor watch and began getting comfortable with hourly boat checks/ weather and half hour anchor checks. They did a great job to make sure we stayed put and safe as the rest our shipmates slept soundly. In the morning, we hauled up the anchor and got a bit of 'motorvation' to leave Nahant in search of whales.

Some of our students apparently speak whale and began calling out to them.

It must have worked because at class time we were in Stellwagen Bank and greeted by Humpbacks and Minkes. I promise if we had deployed our hydrophone we would have heard the whales talking to us and our first scientist, saying, "Heeeeelloooo! Haaaaaapppyyyy biiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaay, Jaaaaanettt!"

As the whales hung around, all the students gathered around to observe our first neuston deployment. Science has officially begun at station 1! We're looking forward to another quiet night at anchor before we head off to the edge of the continental shelf and into the deep water. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

- Ruthann, deckhand (C Watch)

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#1. Posted by Peter W. on August 01, 2018

A whale of a report! Keep them coming.

Go Watch Team C!

#2. Posted by Barbara Clark on August 04, 2018

Hi janet—I am so happy to hear that the whales wished you a happy birthday!!!! wish I could be with you and the whales love mom



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