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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 18, 2020

A giant, goofy family

Courtney Boucher, A-watch, Sewanee, The University of the South


Above: The students gathered on the quarter deck for class- yes, I was still asleep, but yes, I did come just a second later!; Below: All of A-watch learning proper techniques for furling sails; Will, James and I sweating a line while our watch officer, Kev-o, tails it. This is during peak awkward-ness this morning.

Ship's Log

Present Location
14б degrees, 42.5” N x 62б degrees, 13.6” W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
We were almost sailing at top speed (10 knots) earlier tonight, and are now sailing south under a single reefed mains’l, mainsts’l, and the jib.

A clear day and night with stars galore!

Souls on board

Although my name is Courtney, I now respond to "Beans" and "Beenzie" too. There's a long story as to why, but it is one of the many examples of how the Cramer has made everyone act as a giant, goofy family. While other blogs have talked about the ins and outs of watch, meals, and bunks, I want to talk about the entertainment, in both its goofy and familial forms. There are thirty-five of us all together - twenty students; eight mates, mates-in-training, and scientists that stand watch with us; two stewards; and an artist, maritime studies professor, chief scientist, engineer, and captain. On any given day, I'm sure to spend at least six to twelve hours with my watch (usually more because of meals and free time). And no, we do not have internet or cell service. We only have each other to rely on for an abundance of things, including entertainment.

Now, you might ask, "What does someone on a sailboat do for entertainment given you're with the same few people all the time?" Well, this morning my watch scientist, a fellow lab watch mate, and I were given the task, along with deploying science equipment of all sorts, to be awkward. We delivered. All morning we (purposefully) created situations so awkward you would've walked away in confusion. Yet, there is little space into which you can walk away on the Cramer, so the awkward only manifested. The amount of laughs we all received from this was tremendous.

There is also a less goofy form of entertainment we provide each other. Given a rain-free afternoon, the quarter deck can be found full of people. Yes, some are on watch and have to be there, but others lay against one another playing instruments, working in their art books, or reading. Still others just hang out and talk. This communal space reminds me of my living room around holidays. It is filled with people I love, but we don't all have to be interacting to enjoy each other's company. A great space, made even greater by the feel of the wind, sound of the sails, and view of a never-ending ocean.

- Courtney Boucher, University of the South: Sewanee

P.S. Hi mom and dad and Cam! Love you bobolinks. And my good pal Lindsay- hi from the Cramer, wish you were here tons!!! Any other friends who found this blog (you know who you are;)- looooove and miss you so so much

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#1. Posted by Ali Yearsley on February 19, 2020

Hi crew!  This is Oscars mom.  Thank you so much for the great posts. We look forward to the posts and check in often. Tell Oscar his family misses him a ton and is sending him lots of love.

#2. Posted by Joe Zahner on February 19, 2020

Hi everyone,
Loving the posts. This is Oscar’s big brother Joe. Tell him we miss him. We would love for him to write one of these blog posts so he can use big words that are not necessary like we’re used to hearing.
Looking forward to hearing from you when possible broski.



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