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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 01, 2018

A day in the life of Steve, aka Assistant Scientist #2.

Steve Kielar, 2nd Assistant Scientist


B-Watch... you mean Bread Watch!

Ship's Log

Position at the time of this post
21° 44.1’ N,  056° 17.4’W, South Sargasso Sea


6 knots

NW Force 5

Sea Surface Temp

Sea Surface Salinity
36.34 PSU

Souls on board

It all started at midnight... with an hour left on evening watch (1900-0100), B-Watch, including: Christina, Steven, Bella and Seiji (Students) Becca (Chief Mate) and Emma and Tyler (Sailing interns), were getting ready to turn things over to the ever steady C-Watch. To this end, students and staff were a-flutter waking up the next watch, stowing science gear from the evening deployment, writing in the deck and science logbooks respectively, and generally tidying up the ship. My thoughts were slightly elsewhere...on a specific piece of furniture in the main Saloon, my thoughts were on the Hutch.

What is the Hutch you ask? Well its many things to many a person. It acts as a watercooler of sorts. A meeting place of not only humans but of plates, bowls, cups and silverware. In the cabinets below, you can find snacks that rage from Peanut Butter to Raman noodles and Nutella. Coffee is brewed in its ranks and Tea is nestled in one of its drawers. And the counter is reserved to one of the most important things on the SSV Corwith Cramer... the leftovers. And so my thoughts were firmly on the Hutch, specifically, was there any leftover pie from midnight snack? Turns out Yes, yes there was.

In the morning I found I had slept through breakfast, but as is regularly the case I found some leftover bacon or "Hutch Bacon" and I was off and running. Then I remembered... it is Staff in the Galley day! So under the tutelage of Becca we endeavored to bake bread and layer noodles with sauce and spinach. After lunch, B-Watch was back on duty for the afternoon watch (1300-1900). Up in the lab Steven, Tyler (no relation) and I processed pH samples and talked about how excited we were to run on land, but how we had mixed emotions about finding the internet again.

Class was at 1430, and after some announcements we spent the time meeting with students about their Oceanography projects. After attempting to Mentor said students on their projects, I was taught new ways to format data in excel and Ocean Data View. This teacher becoming the student is a welcome and running theme. Afternoon snack was Scones with cream and jelly whipped up by Ben our Chief scientist from a recipe he remembered from his childhood in England. And guess where the leftovers went... After class, a bunch of us met on the quarterdeck to watch the sunset and to watch the first stars of the night appear.

As I write this blog it is passing 2145, wayyyy past my bedtime. So, unless I can convince Duncan to have a rematch at Cribbage, I will be wishing everyone a goodnight, and yes, plenty of Hutch bacon.

- Steve Kielar (2nd Assistant Scientist)

Shout out to Mom, Pop and Dave, Happy Leaf Peepin!

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#1. Posted by Marybeth McFarland on November 07, 2018

Hey Steve,

I have your lucky sweater repaired!  All ready for the DUBS new season!  Hope you are well.  If you send me an address (?) I’ll send it to you!

Best wishes,

Marybeth (Jake’s mom)!
Marin Headlands forever



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