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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 06, 2017

A day in the galley

Sophie Silberman, A Watch, Kenyon College

An old rainbow

Ship's Log

Current Position
38° 02.3’S x 179° 08.4’W

Course & Speed
Heading SW at 6.2 kts

Sail Plan
Motorsailing under the four lowers

No wind, calm seas, salps  

Souls on Board

0440: I awoke in a damp sweat this morning, ten minutes before my wakeup, convinced from an eerily vivid (perhaps psychic?) dream that I had burned the pita bread I’m supposed to bake for dinner later today. Panicked, I left my bunk in the foc’sle and stumbled into the galley to start my day as assistant steward, nervous but ready. I was born ready.

Cooking on a ship is no easy feat. It takes lots of preparation; searching for canned goods in dry stores, foraging for the last bits of “fresh” produce in the reefer, putting on your heaviest layers for an adventure into the freezer (Narnia) which usually sits at lovely -6°, making starters for breads a day or two before, being somewhat original and creative, studying Julia Child, cutting onions and crying, trying not to cut or burn yourself and making enough food for 33 hungry hungry sailors six times throughout the day.

0450: Dough balls in the oven (we started the bread last night)
0510: First round of three trays of bacon in the oven
0550: Bread is done by now, slicing tomatoes and cheese, preparing the Main Salon for groggy B Watch and Others
0610: Start frying eggs
0618: Ring the triangle
0620: People come. Hungry. Silence.
0640: Yells from the quarter deck. There’s a fish on board(?!)
0700: Second seating of breakfast. Hey A Watch, missed ya guys
0701-0915: Try to take a nap, fail
0930: Dig for apples, use up all that’s left of the odd carton-yogurt, make granola
0945: Start the dough for pita.
1000: People gather. They want peanut butter.
1015: Go outside for the first time in the day. Blinded by the sun.
1045: Eggplant.
1100: Start making lunch. Find black beans, onions, carrots, tomatoes, corn, veggie stock, garlic. Put it in two giant pots. Add spice.
1300: EAT! Slurp slurp.
1430: Lab Practical Exam. What does a gymnesome look like?
1600: Back in the galley. Tristan and Helen have prepared a ginormous spread of sushi and poisson cru. Jen roasted chickpeas and fried up some fish patties. Whoaaaaa.
1630: Make babaganoush! Yes!
1645: Still can’t find tahini
1647: Found tahini, start making hummus too
1650: Isaac helps, we make dank hummus
1700: Dinner is in an hour and a half
1720: Find tons of red and yellow peppers in the reefer. Make quinoa, cut tomatoes and peppers and parsley.
1730: Roast cauliflower
1750: Make the tabbouleh. Jen’s got the pita under control.
1800: Galley is a MESS
1810: Start frying halloumi (Israeli cheese sent directly from heaven)
1815: Maddy S and Isaac help set the tables
1818: Dress the tabbouleh
1819: We actually got the food out on time. Several sighs of relief
1820: Ring the triangle
1821: 39 minutes until the second seating
1832: Out of cauliflower. Out of babaganoush. It’s all a blur
1859: Steal a pita and halloumi, hummus and babaganoush. Bring to watch with me.
1900: Daily migration to the Main Salon.
1901: At Lookout.
1903: Watch the millions of salps float by. Here’s a haiku--
Salp salp salp salp salp
Salp salp salp salp salp salp salp
Salp salp salp salp salp       
1915: I’ve never been this tired
1920: The sun is setting ahead of us.
1930: Henry says he loved dinner
1935: Jen delivers me halloumi at lookout. What did I do to deserve this?
1940: What a Golden Day
2000: Helm for one hour, then sleep
2030: Maddy K comes bearing Tim-Tams
2100: Bed.
2105: Forgot to write the blog.

Thanks for reading, hope this wasn’t too ridiculous. Shout out to Jen for doing this day every single day and for being incredibly patient with me. Don’t know how you do it!

- Sophie

p.s. Happy December 5th Birthday Mom, I don’t know when you’ll get this or what day it is, but happy birthday I love you from the middle of the ocean to the Garden State and back. I hope your day was full of love and doggies and good food. See you in this hemisphere in a short two weeks!

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#1. Posted by Michael Silberman on December 07, 2017

Hi Sophie - I could see you there in the galley! What a whirlwind.  See you soon.



#2. Posted by Ann Livingston Gregg on December 07, 2017

Sophie, I loved your detailed blog, a great insight into life on the Seamans.

#3. Posted by Susan Wolter on December 07, 2017

Love it: another sushi specialist in the family! Sounds like the creative galley gurus are keeping the crew happily fed, so all that’s left is to wish you fair southerly winds and “Guten Appetit”

#4. Posted by Michele Livingston on December 08, 2017

What a great post!  It gave us wonderful insight into your day aboard the RCS!  I’m looking forward to hearing from Katie soon!

#5. Posted by Jim and Selma on December 09, 2017

Hi Sophie, Yum, Yum, cook for us any time.  Snow here for first time.  Wish we were there with you!
Love, Jim and Selma

#6. Posted by Christopher Lee on December 11, 2017

Hi Sophie.  Great detailed writing.  Sounds like you are having an amazing time. You are definitely born ready each and everyday.  See you soon.




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