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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 11, 2020

A Busy First Day

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies Faculty


Above: Students reflecting on street art in Old San Juan; Below: Viewing the grounds of San Juan’s Casa Blanca

Ship's Log

Current location
Alongside in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Steady Easterlies and temperature in the mid 80s

Souls on board

Today was our first full day of programming, and it was a busy one. The day started with an early wake up for all hands, breakfast and chores before the students and Maritime Studies faculty (Craig and MJ) headed into Old San Juan for a walking tour of the city and its forts. This was an excellent opportunity to dive into the port stop exploration associated with student projects for Maritime History and Culture and Marine Environmental History. San Juan has a dynamic history and active political culture that suited student projects very well.

In the afternoon and early evening, students continued with orientation to the ship as they prepare take on new responsibilities in their roles as active members of the ship’s crew. We wrapped up our day with a visit from William and Migdalia Pinkney. Captain Pinkney is an SEA overseer and he and his wife have been living and working in Puerto Rico for over 10 years. Always valuable resources and popular guests for Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean (we reach out to them whenever our program begins in San Juan), they shared their stories and answered student questions before, during and after dinner. It was a great way to wrap up a packed day of exploration and ship’s orientation.

Excitement is building for the midday start of the sailing voyage--a transit from San Juan to St. George’s, Grenada. Stay tuned for updates from students, faculty and crew!

- Craig Marin, Maritime Studies Faculty

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