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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

September 30, 2014

On Watch

Renee Halloran, SUNY ESF & Maya Knight, University of the Redlands

The Global Ocean

C-255, The Global Ocean, at La Sagrada Família.

Ship's Log

41° 22’ 31.20” N x 2° 11’ 02.40” E

Alongside in Barcelona

Here begins a ripping good tale! It starts with 21 students, 11 crew, and one tall ship docked in beautiful Port Vell, Barcelona. We arrived yesterday between 1400 and 1600 to meet the crew and settle into our bunks.cozy. At 1608 we assembled at the aft of Mama Cramer for crew introductions and orientation from Captain Elliot. Remember to always take care of your feet!

We were then split into our watch groups and introduced to our ever fashionable safety harnesses. A tour of the deck left us overwhelmed by lines (not ropes, lines), but we are promised that with time the names and uses of each rig will become more clear. An exciting challenge for sure!

After that we recharged with a meal of pasta, red sauce and salad in the galley before further orientations. The crew showed us around everywhere above and below deck, including the toasty engine room where the ever important water maker and engine are housed, and the chilly reefer below the galley where the food is kept. Tom the engineer taught us how to read the gauges we will be checking during our watches as well as how to properly address any issues we may come across. Then after finishing unpacking and playing rummy in the galley we were all ready for bed.

At 0600 we were awoken for first breakfast, both by Matt, one of the assistant scientists, and the smell of bacon and pancakes prepared by our wonderful cook, Bex. After the hearty breakfast “A watch” had the first morning chore assignment of scrubbing the heads and floors. At 0900 the whole group met up to travel around Barcelona by bus. Our first stop, Sangrada Familia, the city’s famous house of worship built by Antonio Gaudi, was a great way to start the tour! Our local tour guide, Maica, was full of information and interesting facts about the temple. Our class’ favorite feature was the 30 meter high ceiling which was carved to resemble a forest.

We next stopped at a park by the Olympic Village which featured a stunning lookout of the city, port, and Sangrada Familia. We all enjoyed seeing how our various land and sea projects could be seen combined in one landscape. Maica pointed out Barceloneta and Elliot pointed out ships and container port we had looked at during the shore component. The last stop on the tour was at a local market, where we saw the fresh catch of the fishing boat we saw in the port the day before. The on-and-off showers gave the day a sense of adventure, thankfully everyone remembered their foulies (rain jackets)!

After arriving back to port, we were able to relax for a bit before dinner. “A Watch” finished up their daily training tonight, learning lines on the deck and watch duties. After a rousing game of Jenga in the saloon and some Sleepytime tea, everyone is ready for bed.

Fair winds,
Renee & Maya

PS: M,J,J, & Livvy I wish you could have seen the Sangrada Familia! Great first day in Barcelona. Passport intact. Hey Ma, hope you’re having a good time at your conference. Win big!

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