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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 18, 2014

Cultural Exchanges

Genny Francis, B Watch, Washington and Lee University

The Global Ocean

Isabel, Genny, and Renee with students from the University of Cadiz

Ship's Log

36°31.9’ N x 006°17.2’W

Docked in Cadiz, Spain

This morning after a tasty breakfast of eggs and bacon, we left the port and headed to the Museum of Cadiz at 1030.  We looked at artifacts from the Phoenician period dating back to 1100 BC including jewelry with intricate designs, handmade beads, and pottery.  The next area in the museum was about the Roman city of Gades, which is underneath modern Cadiz, and we got to look at items that have been excavated, including a portion of the aqueduct. Greg and I have been working on a research project about the Roman remains in Cadiz, so it was really cool to actually see it firsthand and to talk with the archeologist from the University of Cadiz. After the museum, we walked to the marketplace, and had some free time to eat lunch and explore the city. Several of us went to a café, which had really good tapas; my favorite dish was the baked provolone cheese with tomato jelly. Afterwards we walked by the cathedral and around the edge of the city, stopping to get gelato.

At 1800, some students from the University of Cadiz came to visit the boat. We walked to the port entrance to meet them and brought them back to the ship to show them around. I ended up talking to a student named Surya, who is studying environmental and marine science, and gave her a tour of the boat. She was very impressed with our ship, and told us about a smaller sailboat she and a few other students have volunteered to help refurbish. After everyone had finished looking around the boat, we went with the Spanish students to get tapas at a restaurant near the city center. They served us lots of different traditional Spanish dishes including fried fish, which the students told us was a local specialty, and everything was delicious.

We stayed there for a couple of hours talking to the students, and it was really neat to learn about their lives and to talk about the differences and similarities between our cultures. We hung out with the students after dinner until we had to go back to the boat, and they offered to show us around the city tomorrow morning and take us to see the sailboat they are working on. I am really excited to see where they take us tomorrow, and to eat more Spanish food before we depart on Tuesday morning!

Fair winds,

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