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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 04, 2015

4th of July Science style!

Kenneth James, Urban Science Academy

SEA Semester

Above: (left to right) Cassie, Alessandra, Angelica, Laura, Aida, Stephanie, Kate and (bottom left to right) Sabrina and McKayla- better know as the Copepod Squad, before their big ‘Quirky Parade’ debut in Woods Hole today. Below: (top to bottom) Laura, Nathan, Aida, Cameron, Kenneth and Courtney racking up points for their watch during the Woods Hole Photo Scavenger hunt today.

So on the 4th of July we had a pretty fun day. We designed ships with Carl in Maritime History and Culture class. There were a lot of intriguing ideas for ships; Robert had an interesting idea for a three in one ship that is a sub, boat, and could FLY. In Oceanography we presented vocabulary in a fun manner. My group and I did a rap with a little play going on along with it. After class we went to the Quirky Parade where some of us dressed up as copepods (we will explain when we get home) while others watched and cheered everyone on. After the parade we went on a scavenger hunt throughout Woods Hole to decide which group would choose the movie for the night, SEAMANS won! After the scavenger hunt we went back to campus and ate an awesome BBQ dinner made by our cook and friend Nick. We then went up to the Madden center and watched I Am Legend as one big group and had a bunch of laughs together!

- Kenneth

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#1. Posted by bjlo on July 06, 2015

Copepods were new to me.  Apparently copepods have a unique system for floating and sinking. Thanks for sharing your day with those of us following you.



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