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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 21, 2021

1000 Nautical Miles

Zuzanna Witek, C-Watch, Greenways Academy


Above: Dreamy views from the Cramer. Below: Taylor and Zuza looking at a Sargassum sample from the dip net.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
36° 26.4’N 059° 00.3’W

Ship Heading
040° PSC

Ship Speed
5.30 knots

Taffrail Log
1017 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Sailing under the 4 lowers with a deep reefed mains’l. Wind NW F3, seas NWxW F4, skies 3/8ths Cu, Barometer 1020.6 MB.

Description of location
North Sargasso Sea

Souls on board

We woke up to calm seas and 24 degrees Celsius weather, which is my favorite temperature. After being hove to among the 20-something-foot high big angry mountains throwing us into walls inside the Cramer, and splashing us on deck, we are back to pleasant conditions. Out of the blue, we received anonymous nice notes clipped to the curtains of our bunks this morning, which I would like to communicate to whoever wrote them made for a wonderful start of the day. Not only is this weather good news for us, but also great news for science – we are back to deploying our gear and Pete the UNICORN dipped his feet into the water today, too.

At 1000 nautical miles into this insane adventure, we have entered the shadow phase, which for one is related to our watch responsibilities, but for two is a nice way to foreshadow the upcoming celebration of Halloween. As of right now, it means we are taking on more responsibility and starting to look at the bigger picture. For example, knowing when we should be sailing away from a weather system and keeping in mind that we do need to get to St. Croix at some point. We have been learning lots about life at sea and I feel like I gain new skills every single day, which gets me out of bed, even on days when I feel tired.

We are now in the Sargasso Sea. On our port side, there are windrows of Sargassum that we are dip netting to get samples for my oceanography project about fauna on rafting communities. On our starboard side, we have just had an orange-pink sunset featuring a seagull. Perhaps more importantly, all around us there is a land-less horizon and a magnificent ocean blue that I cannot get enough of.

These gale-filled days with bucket hats full of rain had me thinking about grass and the smell of leaves. Our redefined experience of fall onboard will certainly make for an unforgettable memory. Take a minute to appreciate your landmarks today; the things that smell like sunlight, the sound of cars passing by on the street or the buzzing of a fly. We will be letting the perfect night skies, untouched by the light pollution, sink in this upcoming dawn watch.

Signing off,
Zuza Witek, C Watch

P.S. Kroks, nie martw sie, jedzenie jest bardzo dobre. Stary, pamietam co jest najwazniejsze – nie wiem czy bede potrafila zapomniec o biologii morskiej i oceanografii po tej wycieczce. Wszystko jest bardzo ciekawe. Mam nadzieje, ze sezon grzybowy udany. Pozdrawiam wszystkich! Spodziewajcie sie mnie tutaj jeszcze raz za parenascie dni.

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#1. Posted by DEIRDRE CONNOLLY on October 22, 2021

So so happy hove to conditions have abated for at least the moment. Enjoy the sun and the warmth and the fair winds!

#2. Posted by Adam Hunt on October 22, 2021

Great to see CORWITH CRAMER on the move again!  Answered prayers.

“He made the storm be still,
  and the waves of the sea were hushed.
Then they were glad that the waters were quiet,
  and he brought them to their desired haven.”
- Psalm 107:29-30

#3. Posted by Andrea Hunt on October 22, 2021

Aahhhh , once again the Lord has answered this Grandmother’s prayers and i will sleep more calmly tonight as my heart and mind is riding these restless waves with you all daily. Bravo, to all of you fir sailing through those troubled waters with
strong ,positive attitudes. I hope your stomachs have all settled and tge fresh air and calm winds will put you all at ease. Carry on with the joy of learning and experience the wonders around you. Thank you for sharing your stories . I live to read them daily! God’s blessings and grace to
all of you!

#4. Posted by Matt’s Mom on October 22, 2021

Great job weathering the storm, Crew!

#5. Posted by Bob Murdock on October 23, 2021

Wishing you all smooth sail from here on out and a special happy birthday day wish to our son Rob turning 19 on board today (Saturday) from mom and dad!



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