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SEA Currents: The Global Ocean: New Zealand

November 11, 2018

S-283: The Global Ocean, New Zealand


The students of S-283, The Global Ocean, New Zealand, join the SSV Robert C. Seamans on Nov. 11th in Auckland, New Zealand. Their cruise ends in Auckland on Dec. 20th, after stops in Russell, Napier, and Great Barrier Island.

November 11, 2018

S283 Commences!

Kerry Whittaker, Chief Scientist


Yesterday afternoon, students arrived in Auckland and boarded the Robert C. Seamans for the commencement of our S283 Global Ocean New Zealand program.

April 18, 2018

Trinity College Student Reflects on SEA Semester

SEA Semester

SEA Semester in the News
“Semester at SEA Offers Chance for Trinity Student to Embrace New Interest”
by Lexie Axon, Trinity College News

Jessica Duong ’19 Researches Human Impact on the Environment Aboard Ship off New Zealand’s Coast

​Hartford, Connecticut, April 16, 2018—During a memorable study away experience, Trinity College student Jessica Duong ’19 spent much of her spring semester sailing the waters of New Zealand’s North and South Islands while completing oceanographic research. Throughout the three-month program, Duong analyzed water samples and ocean life in order to understand the influence humans have on the environment. Duong—from Lake Bluff, Illinois—was one of only 23 undergraduate students from across the country to participate in this semester’s Sea Education Association (SEA) program called “The Global Ocean.”

Read the full article.

March 22, 2018

Farewell to the Sea and the Bobby C

Annie Roberts, B Watch, Boston College


There are some people who get lucky in life: They’re born into a good home with a close family and they’re content. There are some people who get really lucky, growing up around some great friends and finding their passion and going to school and getting a job they love.

March 21, 2018


Katie Armstrong, A Watch, Mount Holyoke College


Hello everyone! We continue on our route to Lyttelton today as we approach the end of our time here at sea. We plan to dock around 1300 tomorrow, leaving us with less than twenty-four hours of sea time.

March 20, 2018

Been There Dunedin That

Claudia Davis, Emma Garschagen, Brandeis University & Kenyon College


Claudia D: Hey Emma G. How’s it going?
Emma G.: Hey Claudia! I’m great. So excited to go to sea for the last time with you. How’s C watch, loser??
Claudia D: Yikes.
Emma G: I didn’t mean loser I’m sorry I said that.
Claudia D: It’s ok. Water under the bridge. Or should I say bow lolololol anyway let’s write a blog together.

March 19, 2018


Sasha Vukasovich, B Watch, Reed College


Nestled between rolling, shadowed hills that lay, kingly, crowned in pine, Dunedin sleeps, amber lights alight upon its streets, where bright stars lay etched across the sky as if holes pierced by silver lights in a veil of sapphire twilight. No voice nor laugh is heard, only the cries of early sea-birds who, as opposed to the worm catch the fish.

March 16, 2018

On dualities

Jessica Duong, B Watch, Trinity College


There is always so much going on when we’re underway. From navigation to science deployments, and chores to frequent and delicious meals, so much goes on at all hours. Our captain often paraphrases The Big Lebowski, who said “There’s a lotta ins, a lotta outs, s—t’s complicated.”

March 15, 2018

Howdy Homies

Nate Polo, A Watch, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Only a few days ago did I appreciate the word “homie” as a reference to one’s closest companions being miniature semblances of home. One of my largest questions this semester has been understanding what is a home and where is it on a map. The whole college experience teaches anyone how to build a home in a new community and routine.

March 14, 2018

Pi in the Sea and the Sky

Espy Thomson, A Watch, Colorado College


Today, the 14th of March, is International Pi Day. I was on morning watch so I was able to sleep in until 5:50 am and then stumbled, bleary eyed, to breakfast where we were treated to quiche pie. Pi Day holds a special place in many children’s hearts.

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