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SEA Currents: SEASCape

July 04, 2017

Greetings from the Cape and happy 4th!

Maria Kalambokidis, SEASCape RA

SEA Semester

Today we started our first full day of SEASCape with 0645 wake-ups, a lovely pancake breakfast, and an exciting introduction to the daily cleaning schedule. Based on a rotating watch system, the students clean the dishes, kitchen, common areas, and bathrooms every morning. After a successful first cleaning rotation, we mustered outside for a quick watch meeting before class. Here we learned the Figure Eight Knot, and the RA’s were blown away by the knot-tying expertise of some of the students with prior sailing experience (e.g. Spencer and Ava).

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July 03, 2017

SEASCape Session 1 Begins!

Tasha Greenwood, SEASCape RA

SEA Semester

Today was day 1 of SEASCape session 1! 28 students arrived this afternoon, from all over the US and International. After checking in, we held orientation and students got their first taste of life in our little Woods Hole community. Sabrina cooked us a delicious dinner, after which all students returned to the Madden Center for an overview of the two classes they will be participating in this summer.

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June 29, 2017

SEASCape 2017, Session I

We will welcome the first session of SEASCape 2017 to campus on Monday, July 3rd. This three-week summer program at SEA offers motivated high school students the opportunity to study the marine environment from a variety of perspectives – scientific, historical, literary, and nautical. Participants live and study at our campus in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

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August 03, 2016

Last of the lasts ( The last academic day…)

Asanya Wawlagala & Nadine Wong, Barnstable High School & Cherry Creek High School

SEA Semester

Today we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast of blueberry scones, compliments of Sabrina.

Then, we had a watch meeting where we had group activities and games, before heading up to Madden for our first class, Oceanography.

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August 02, 2016

Boats, Boats, Boats!

Spenser Egnatz & Daniel Wahl , Fieldston School & Acalanes School

SEA Semester

Today was our first classroom day in a while. We started with a guest speaker, Jenny Ruben speak to us about ocean acidification. That transitioned into a lab about ocean acidification, where we manipulated the pH and CO2 levels of a solution by adding yeast and sugar. We learned that with the rise of CO2, the pH goes lower. With these major changes coming into play on the global scale, commercially harvested shellfish are in trouble.

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August 01, 2016

A Day in Woods Hole

Matthew Magann & Grace Acquilano, Milton Academy & Staten Island Academy​

SEA Semester

This morning we awoke to delicious aroma of breakfast sandwiches and coffee. After breakfast we all drove to Woods Hole, where we spent our day. The weather was cooler than before, in the low 70’s and sunny. We started off the day with the Zephyr Education Foundation in a WHOI marine invertebrate lab. We then walked down to the WHOI dock, we we saw an array of underwater vehicles, including the sphere from Alvin, the famous submersible which explored the wreck of the Titanic and discovered hydrothermal vents along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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July 31, 2016

Tie Die and Jeopardy

Julia Thompson and Adam May, Montclair Kimberley Academy and Mount Greylock Regional High

SEA Semester

As someone else in this blog might have told you last week, on Sundays we have a free day. Which means we get a few more hours of sleep and we get to choose what we want to do for a few hours. There were many very fun choices to pick from but the final three were: go to Falmouth (just like last Sunday), go to a mini golf or stay on campus (lazy day). There wasn’t an unanimous decision so the RA’s and Liz had to figure a plan that left everyone happy.

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July 30, 2016

Marine Mammals

Allison Herchuk and Alessandra Abad, Wayzata High School and North Brunswick Township High School

SEA Semester

Today in Maia’s class we had the best discussion about Marine biology. We talked about the different types of mammals such as the Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, Sirenians and Fissipeds. Maia did a great job bringing the class alive by watching fun videos that connected to what we were learning. After the lecture we got poptarts for a snack and ate them on the go while we walked down to the beach called Surf Drive.

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July 29, 2016

Industry and Extinction

Donovan Mierlak and Charlotte Hankin, Montclair High School and Kimbel Union Academy

SEA Semester

Today was a quite day at S.E.A, as we mostly stayed in class, learning about Ocean Management with Carl, and the South China Sea. It rained on and off, creating interesting opportunities for us to play capture the flag during free time. Our class also participated in a management lab of a hypothetical tropical island. Groups debated and talked about the industries we were assigned to, including the creation of high-end hotels and shipping terminals, and how they affect the marine waterfront.

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July 28, 2016

Trip to New Bedford

Haley Griffin and Audrey Mihok, Rome Free Academy and Carmel High

SEA Semester

Today we went to New Bedford and the Fisheries Heritage Center, Whaling Museum, the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and New Bedford docks.

At the Fisheries Heritage Center we learned about the history of fishermen in New Bedford and how they harvested scallops. Buzzards Bay Coalition taught us about the water shed of Buzzards Bay and its importance to not only marine life, but human society and economy.

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