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July 21, 2015

Knots & Lectures & The Beach, Oh My!

Marissa Shaw & Shoshana Moriarity, SEASCape II RAs

SEA Semester

Students woke up bright and early this morning to fresh blueberry muffins and the haze of another hot day. After chores and meetings with watch groups, where students learned to tie figure 8 knots, everyone arrived in the Madden Center eager to begin academic work. Last night, students had come up with terms they thought encompassed the study of oceanography—a very impressive and extensive list including zooxanthanlae, wow—and today under Maia’s direction students sorted these terms into broader categories.

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July 20, 2015

Welcome SEASCape session II

Maggie Cozens & Marine Lebrec, SEASCape II RAs

SEA Semester

Today was quite the eventful day for the 28 students that were welcomed to the SEA campus to begin the second SEASCape program of the summer (despite the brutal heat). During the next three weeks, these high school students will have the opportunity to make new friends and discover the world of Oceanography and Maritime History and Culture. Compared to the first session, this group has a bunch of students from far away, including Louisiana, California, Texas, Canada, and Switzerland!

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July 19, 2015

Faculty & Students, SEASCape II

The students of SEASCape II 2015 begin their program on Monday, July 20th. This three-week summer program at Sea Education Association offers motivated high school students the opportunity to study the marine environment from a variety of perspectives – scientific, historical, literary, and nautical. Participants live and study at our campus in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Academic programming is scheduled throughout each day, including on most weekend days. Coursework includes lectures, discussions, laboratory activities, and field trips; all introducing students to the study of oceanography, the history of humanity’s relationship with the oceans, and modern maritime issues. Teamwork, leadership, and sense of community are the underlying values of SEA’s academic curriculum. Participants not only grow as students, but as global citizens and individuals.

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July 14, 2015

More Field Trip Fun

Nathan Kovacs & Dante Greco-Henderson, Nashoba Regional High School & Concord Academy

SEA Semester

Today we went on a research vessel where we studied many aspects of the water including plankton, scallop trolls, water testing, and underwater video exploring. We learned about many local species and environments from this experience. Next, we visited a geological center in Woods Hole. Within this center there was an interactive sand box which was an augmented reality of land masses and the characteristics of water.

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July 12, 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

Aida Stevenson, Albert Einstein High School

Today, we woke up in anticipation of meeting the students from the Lady Maryland. We also woke up to the most amazing crepes I have ever had, well maybe second best to the local crepe place in town, thanks to Emma and Theo.

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July 11, 2015

Saturday Fun!

Alessandra Tallarico & Kate d’Entremont, Needham High School & Franklin High School

SEA Semester

Today we built boats, did a water density lab, and had a pizza party.  We were in 6 groups, and each had to make a boat that could float, hold weight and move. We had 2 hours to build with the items we had collected over the past few days. We test the boats Monday!  After boat building we did a water density lab.

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July 10, 2015

A day in Woods Hole!

Kenneth James, Urban Science Academy

SEA Semester

Today was a very exciting day. First, we went to a U.S Coast Guard base in Woods Hole where we were escorted through the facility and saw their base of operations, where they recieve all of their calls. They actually work on 48 hours shifts meaning for 2 days they stay there on site. We got to go on the boats where we saw how they operate them and navigate, so they don’t get lost. If you ever want a Coast Guard boat I suggest you start saving now because they cost around 4 million dollars!  You may be able to buy one by the time you are 80 years old.

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July 09, 2015

Plastic Trash and Naval Strategies

Eleanor Cooper-Silvis, Trinity High School

SEA Semester

Hi everyone!
Today we woke up to the best scones of our entire lives (sorry Mom). Then we had a really interesting guest lecture, that opened up our eyes to cool new careers, and more about marine debris and the impact it has on the environment.

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July 08, 2015

A nice quiet campus day

Theo Berkman & Richard Boodaghian

SEA Semester

Today we woke up to the sweet smell of bacon and coffee. As we got ready for class it dawned on us that it would soon rain so our field trip was canceled. Instead of going to the beach to observe natural erosion and geology we took the time and worked on our salt marsh posters.

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July 07, 2015

Whale Watching in Plymouth!

Emma & Oriana | Eleanor | Angelica

SEA Semester

Today we went whale-watching. Despite having to wake up earlier than usual, we all excitedly boarded the bus at 730 am to travel to Plymouth, MA. There was beautiful weather all day and we spotted quite a few whales, and even a shark! When the boat got back, we all explored the historic town of Plymouth. We saw Plymouth Rock and visited many stores on the town’s Main Street.

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