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Sea Education Association | SEA Currents

SEA Currents: SEASCape

Katarina Zahedi & Nadia Diskin-Gaudette, Milton Academy & Boston Latin School
SEA Semester

Hello world. Welcome to the first and final edition of Katarina and Nadia’s blog.

Today we woke up to a delicious breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and pineapples (Katarina really likes pineapples, while Nadia did not eat any. She prefers potatoes). It was lively and loud as usual in B House because B house is best house, whereas in C House it was peaceful and quiet.

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Allison Gaydeski & Stephanie Kuplast, Northfield High School & Keystone School
SEA Semester

Today was a relaxing, beautiful morning- we had the latest wake up call yet (8:45), so we could wake up a bit earlier and drink some tea, or sleep in. We had a delicious breakfast of French Toast and sausages with maple syrup, thank you very much Sabrina!

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Nicole Capozzi & Gayatri Singla, Pingree High School & Head-Royce School
SEA Semester

We awoke this morning at 6:45 (or 5:50 to those of us that shower in the morning and have to share a bathroom with 7 other people) to the fabulous smell of breakfast sandwiches and coffee. After breakfast (thanks Sabrina!), we journeyed to the Madden Center, pumped for the morning beach cleanup. Upon our arrival, we entered the lecture hall to the startling news that we happened to be 30 minutes early (I could have slept until 6:20), and that we had an hour long lecture before we went to the beach.

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Ashwin Padaki and Sam Brandt, Lexington High School and Princeton High School
SEA Semester

It was a relief having to wake up at 7:30 today, as we had significantly earlier wake-ups the previous two days. We had cereal for breakfast, and in general, the morning was calm. We attended a drawing session conducted by Victoria Smith, the SEA alumni relations coordinator, in which we practiced natural history sketches. We practiced different styles, such as blind contour drawings, line contour drawings, and timed gestures. It was refreshing to have a less stressful morning than the previous two.

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Jill Powers & Juliette Brophy, Andover High School & Stone Ridge School
SEA Semester

The wonderful 6:15 wake up today had every one of us filled with joy. (jk) We slept walked down to a table filled with bagels and fruit to start our long day ahead. Chores were completed before we all mustered to board our bus to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. After another two hour nap opportunity most of us gladly took, we finally arrived in Mystic around 10.

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Mira Anderberg & Yuki Chen, Lexington High School & Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School
SEA Semester

This morning we had a voyage to Woods Hole to explore the ecosystem of the Cape’s water. We started the day with a boat ride. On the boat we used many oceanographic instruments such as underwater sled, a dredge, and CTD (which records, temperature, salinity, and depth of water). We used the dredge to get animals that live on the ocean floor. We found star fish, sea urchin, scallops, spider crab, jelly fish and whelk.

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Elsie DiLisio & Elizabeth Gutierrez, Monument Mountain Regional High School & South High School, Denver
SEA Semester

Today, our 2nd day of SEAScape, and actually our first full day, we took a field trip to the Sippewissett salt marsh. After arriving by shuttle, we explored the extensive marsh, and collected samples of critters such as crabs, minnows, shrimp, pike fish, and other aquatic species that we were able to find and catch with nets. After exploring the winding streams and ponds full of diverse organisms we deposited all that were found into buckets, making sure to separate larger crabs, and potential natural predators from smaller creatures, so as to ensure the survival of as many organisms as possible.

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Emma Tolerton, A House RA
SEA Semester

Despite the rainy and gloomy Monday weather excitement was high as we welcomed 25 new SEASCape students to the campus for Session 2! They come from all over the country and the world bringing their interests and eagerness to learn over the next three weeks. After a general orientation with parents, students, faculty, and RAs we broke off in to our individual houses to get to know each other and our house procedures.

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We will welcome the second session of SEASCape 2017 to campus on Monday, July 24th. This three-week summer program at SEA offers motivated high school students the opportunity to study the marine environment from a variety of perspectives – scientific, historical, literary, and nautical. Participants live and study at our campus in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

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Sabrina Hutchinson, Steward

It’s hard to believe another SEASCape class has already come and gone from the SEA campus. Just three short weeks ago, the RAs and I welcomed 28 high school students from across the country and around the world to our little home here on Cape Cod. Little did they know what this program had in store for them! The amount of personal growth that occurred these past 21 days is astonishing – many of these students went from timid and unsure of being away from home to independent, strong leaders in their community here.

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