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SEA Currents: Atlantic Odyssey

October 12, 2020

A Tale of Two Watches

Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist


What a difference a day can make.  That saying comes to mind as I reflect upon the past 24 hrs while comfortably sipping my afternoon tea as students prepare for a swim call.  That most certainly was not the scene onboard Cramer just 12 hours ago when salt spray was lashing across the deck in the middle of the night and students were bundled up in their foul weather gear!

August 08, 2019

Don’t Come Back Without Gold

Lilly Heilshorn, Victoria Molnar, Nathalie Kerrigan, and Natalia Sawicka


Not everyone wants to be woken up at 0100 to hear that there’s a major thunderstorm outside and they are going to stand in it for the next six hours, but that was the fate of B Watch this morning. Items you might want during a thunderstorm include, but are not limited to: rain boots, rain pants, rain jacket, hat, gloves, and a midnight snack, preferably consisting of marshmallows, chocolate, and a little bit of love from our awesome stewards (Marie and Cody).

August 07, 2019

Last Day of Sailing

Caroline Johnson and Jackson Bryant


We woke up well rested on the Corwith Cramer, after just finishing a night of hourly anchor watches. A yummy breakfast of over-easy eggs, bacon and potatoes was waiting for us on the table in the main saloon, and then B watch took control of the boat for the next 6 hours.

August 05, 2019

Land Ho!

Natalia Sawicka & Zeke Flores, A Watch


A Watch started the day off with only a few hours of sleep due to being on evening watch and being relieved at 0100. We were all exhausted but got to see some pretty neat bioluminescence and a stunning night sky! Upon waking up, many of us were fairly shocked to discover that we could finally see land (Cape Ann) from the deck.

August 04, 2019

A Poetic Recount of Our Day Based on the Beaufort Scale

Sarah Weber, Liam McCoart & Maya Rhodes-Kropf, C Watch

SEA Semester

High winds in the morning sped the ship up to a swift 5.4 knots, a refreshing wakeup for C Watch after a good night’s sleep. B watch took the deck at 0700 after a hearty breakfast of eggs and chocolate chip pancakes. B watch started the day with a science station at the Wilkinson Basin, deploying the CTD to a depth of 200 m – our deepest drop yet! Data was processed by C Watch in the afternoon.

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August 03, 2019

Line chase fun! Featuring whales and the lone shark

Clare Long & Grace English

SEA Semester

B Watch got a lazy start to the day after a night watch from 1900 to 0100. Many of us slept through breakfast and woke up with a little time to hang out on deck together before going to lunch. We finished off a very delicious lunch of couscous with sweet potato and tahini sauce and grabbed our harnesses to go on watch.

August 02, 2019

Learning the Ropes

Nathalie Kerrigan, Julia Bhalla, and Lilly Heilshorn

SEA Semester

For B Watch, today started bright and early…or maybe just early since it was 0100. A Watch was relieved of their duties and it was quiet below deck until the first breakfast at 0620. Eggs, bacon, and potatoes are a great way to start the day (special shout out to Cody and Marie)!

August 01, 2019

A Whale of a Time

Genevieve Coblentz-Strong, Izzy Handal, Lena Schumacher, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

SEA Semester

What a day! The students on the Cramer began their first watch schedules. We had a great class on the sails, lines, including what the names of the sails on the Cramer are, and how they work, as well as securing and coiling ropes. We had our first oceanographic ‘super’ station to sample and collect scientific data on Stellwagen Bank. Our day even included “charismatic megafauna” sightings.

July 31, 2019

Lightning and the Voyage So Far!

Richard Colgrove & Drew Morris

SEA Semester

Today, the students of the Cramer began the day with a breakfast for all, followed by the announcements of watches and the start of emergency drills. We practiced how to respond to three different emergencies: fire, man overboard, and prepare to abandon ship. Everyone on the ship has a duty during one of these emergency scenarios.

July 30, 2019

Orientation Day

Allison Taylor, Captain


All aboard had a great day today, full of learning and trying to stay cool! We started the day anchored off Logan International Airport, and after a discussion about seeing and sketching, we spent the morning doing one rotation of orientations including lab safety, engine room and watch standing on deck.

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