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SEA Currents: Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

February 13, 2020

Boat stuff rocks, science may rock too (WHALE!!!)

Jessie Floyd, Jessie Floyd, B Watch, Bard College


Hey everyone! My name is Jessie and I’m a student on the Cramer! Yay! I’m writing to you from this beautiful spot anchored off of Isla de Culebra. The Caribbean sun is warm, the ocean is glistening, and the clouds are the puffy cumulus kind that makes me think of sugary cotton candy.

February 12, 2020

Underway from Puerto Rico

Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist


A good night of sleep followed by an amazing breakfast has made for a great day onboard the SSV Corwith Cramer. Let me start with a shout-out to our first student, assistant steward Fiona who supplied us with enough pancakes, fresh fruit (mixed berries) and sausage to power through a full morning of safety training.

February 11, 2020

A Busy First Day

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies Faculty


Today was our first full day of programming, and it was a busy one. The day started with an early wake up for all hands, breakfast and chores before the students and Maritime Studies faculty (Craig and MJ) headed into Old San Juan for a walking tour of the city and its forts.

February 10, 2020

Welcome Aboard!!

Allison Taylor, Captain


It’s been an exciting day here on the Corwith Cramer!  This afternoon, the faculty and staff received 20 smiling students to their new home for the next six weeks. It was a typical day here in San Juan, PR, with bright sunny skies dotted with passing cumulus clouds, some darker than others, and some with a little rain in them.

February 09, 2020

C-290: Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean


Students of Class C-290, Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean, join the SSV Corwith Cramer in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Feb. 10th.  The voyage ends March in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands on March 18th, after port stops in St. John, St. Martin, Montserrat, Dominica, Bequia, and Grenada.

March 22, 2019

C-284 Successful Conclusion

Bill Burke, Captain


After six weeks together and 2139 miles sailed, SEA Semester Class C-284 has come to a close. Following a wonderful “swizzle” last night on the quarterdeck and this morning’s graduation ceremony, students are heading on to all sorts of spring endeavors: back to college, internships, jobs or travel.

March 20, 2019

Academic Wrap-Up Poster Session

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies


As I write this, the students of C-284 are breaking down the posters they created to reflect on-site observations they made and the conversations they had with people regarding their individual projects in our five port stops.

March 18, 2019


Sarah Whitcher, Third Mate/Bosun


This is it! The crux of anxieties and pressure as due dates arrive and we approach the long-anticipated ‘Puke-atan’ (Thank you, Beth Doxsee for that turn of phrase <3).

I can’t help reflecting back on memories of these final, stressful days from my own student trip, especially as we were joined in Grand Cayman by one of my student-class-mates, Everto! (Sending love to all of S242!)

March 18, 2019

I Couldn’t Be More Proud, or, What I Learned From my Students

Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist


March 18th, 2019; Later in the day and into the evening.

Today we celebrated our scientific achievements as each student shared their oceanographic discoveries with their shipmates.  For the last six weeks we have sailed across, immersed ourselves in, and studied this small patch of ocean called the Caribbean Sea; and collectively we have learned so much.

March 17, 2019

Dreams, Salt, and Pride

Jacob Cooper, A - Watch, University of Washington


I knew that when I began hearing sail commands in echo in my dreams this was a life-changing experience. Having two years of sea-time helped me cope with the challenges of life on a tall ship. Mostly because I know how your mind goes a little crazy under the strain of the bitter sea which endlessly heaves mariners up, down and around.

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