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SEA Currents Blog

SEA Currents: Protecting the Phoenix Islands

July 30, 2019

Orientation Day

Allison Taylor, Captain


All aboard had a great day today, full of learning and trying to stay cool! We started the day anchored off Logan International Airport, and after a discussion about seeing and sketching, we spent the morning doing one rotation of orientations including lab safety, engine room and watch standing on deck.

July 29, 2019

Notes from the galley, and other reflections…

Natalie Patetta, A Watch, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Spend a Semester at Sea

I was supposed to be assistant steward the very first day on the boat, but since everything was chaos and all of the students, including myself, were still trying to find their sea-legs, I missed my chance. After weeks of waiting, the opportunity finally came again

July 29, 2019

Real talk about blueberries and busy days

George Lounsbery-Scaife & Amelia Macapia, Hunter College High School & Bard High School Early College

SEA Semester

After a breakfast of cereal and delicious fruit salad (minus the blueberries. I don’t like blueberries - George) (I, unlike George, LOVE blueberries, please don’t take them from me - Amelia), we started today’s classes off early with a guest lecturer from Sea Grant. We learned about ocean acidification.

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July 29, 2019

Welcome Aboard!

Kerry Whittaker, Chief Scientist


Today, the SSV Corwith Cramer welcomed 24 high school students with adventure in their eyes!  This group will comprise the Cramer’s student crew, along with 14 professional crew aboard for the next two weeks.

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July 28, 2019

Goodbye, Orona!

Michelle Simoni, Seattle University

We officially left Orona! Orona was a fun time as there are all the crazy snorkeling stories from the others. I was able to see coral and sea creatures that I have never seen before and it is amazing. I am really grateful with this experience as life on the boat has challenged me and helped me grow.

July 28, 2019

First Sunday in town

Kelly Logan & Marlinee Pilkey, Shoreham Wading-River High School & Niskayuna High School

SEA Semester

After enjoying our extra hours of sleep, we ate a delicious breakfast prepared by Jared. The meal consisted of eggs, bacon, english muffins, french toast,  fruit salad, and potatoes.

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July 27, 2019

Boat trip!

Isabelle Rosenblum & Erik Geertsma, Waldorf School of Garden City & Easthampton High School

SEA Semester

Today we went to Penikese Island. To get there, we went on a boat called Richard S. Edwards.

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July 27, 2019

The sea and the stars


Where to even start… Sheesh there are so many things I could write about, but I’ll keep it to just a few: Orona and the stars on the open ocean.

Orona was nothing short of absolutely spectacular, utterly unbelievable.

July 26, 2019

SUNY ESF Student Sails with SEA Semester

SEA Semester in the News
ESF Student Participates in SEA Semester
Mary Zarba conducts research aimed at protecting rare coral wilderness

College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) student Mary Zarba is currently sailing with SEA Semester on a scientific research voyage to the remote Phoenix Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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July 26, 2019

WHOI Engineering Lab and Beach!

Franny Oppenheimer & Cece Dunham, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School & Wahconah Regional High School

SEA Semester

This morning, like all of our mornings so far, we woke up to a delicious breakfast made by our wonderful steward, Jared. We then had our daily watch meeting, where we learned to tie a new knot (the square knot!), and went off to do our morning chores.

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