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SEA Currents Blog

SEA Currents: Dec 2019

December 11, 2019

Big Waves, Little Moments, and a Bunch of Remixes

Lexi Wright, College of the Atlantic


Hello from Montserrat! My name is Lexi Wright and I’m a junior at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. It has been a wild few days here on the Cramer! We spent all of Monday circumnavigating Montserrat and Redonda, where we experienced choppy seas and high winds.

December 10, 2019

The Home Stretch

Jessie Sheldon, Colorado College


Greetings from Great Barrier Island! While we are now anchored, our final 24 hours of JWO sailing ensured that we got one last taste of every kind of natural phenomenon including erupting volcanoes (from a distance), wild squalls, torrential downpours, our “sportiest” winds yet which allowed us to sail a whopping 10 knots at one point-in addition to TWO birthdays!

December 09, 2019

Bread and Beans

Naomi Solorio, C Watch, Lawrence University


Naomi from C-Watch here!

I believe that homemade bread is the purest form of love. Our lovely stewards, Ashley and Kylie, are always spoiling us with it. For this blog, my initial idea was to write a short story but as I looked at the calendar I realized how little time is left before the trip ends, so instead of my original idea, I’ve decided to take a more reminiscent route.

December 09, 2019

SUNY ESF Student Sails with SEA Semester


SEA Semester in the NEWS
ESF Student Participates in SEA Semester
Emily Klimczak conducts research in the Caribbean
SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry News

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) student Emily Klimczak is currently on an ocean research voyage to study human impacts on Caribbean coral reef ecosystems.

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December 09, 2019

Update on Volcanic Eruption in New Zealand

Virginia Land McGuire, Associate Dean for Financial Aid and Student Services

With the recent volcanic eruption in New Zealand, we wish to report that all is well aboard the Robert C. Seamans.  The students and crew of class S-289 remain safe aboard the vessel which, though operating near the Bay or Plenty, is well clear of the eruption at White Island.

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December 08, 2019

Being Present (Knowing Past, Creating Future)

Dylan Kennedy, B Watch, University of California, Berkeley


Let’s take a break from hearing about what a great time we’re having and have a chat about decolonizing the future. This is Climate & Society, after all (and we did do actual coursework).

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December 08, 2019

Sea Adventures: Sour Cream or Yogurt?

Rebecca Hueckel, C Watch, Humboldt State University


Hello outside world!
This morning we were treated to a light drizzle, which was a very welcomed relief from the heat already bearing down on the deck in these early hours.

December 07, 2019

The Day of a Sailor at SEA

Thomas Glanville, Tennessee Technical University


My day started with an evening watch from 1900 yesterday to 0100 today. After that, I spent some time hanging out on deck and was asleep by 0130ish. While on the ship, sleep has come pretty easy. My bunk is in the main salon, in the upper corner by the engine room. It can get hot, but not too bad

December 07, 2019

All Around the World

Mujahed Aghbar, B Watch, Methodist University


Hi everyone! This is Mujahed, B watch, from Methodist University. Going back to land was very interesting; it felt overwhelming seeing people everywhere and going back to civilization in a way. I have noticed living my present moment became harder as I connected to the internet.

December 06, 2019

JWO (Not-So-)Scaries

Nicole Pollack, Middlebury College


Things I learned on my first day as JWO (junior watch officer): it’s not as scary as it seems, your watch has your back, and when in doubt, the JWO survival guide holds the answer. It turns out calling the shots is a lot of fun, especially when everybody else’s goal is to help the JWO succeed.

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