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SEA Currents: Nov 2018

November 24, 2018

Conversations of a Good Kind

Bryce O’Brien, Bates College


Waz up yung dogs of erth,

Hello and happy belated Thanksgiving! There was an awesome amount of gratitude expressed throughout the weekend and I’d like to take this opportunity to send some home!

November 23, 2018

The Real Deal

Colleen Dollard, University of Connecticut


Today was the real deal.

Eight weeks of early mornings and long nights studying coral, fish, and invertebrate identifications, along with many classes dedicated to practicing survey methods, led to this day: C-283’s first coral reef survey.

November 23, 2018

Multispecies Entanglements, Petrel Friendships, and Chasing the Rainbow

Sal (Sarah) Cosmedy, A Watch, Mount Holyoke College


Today we are sailing happily out towards the Kermadecs. Out on the open ocean with no land in sight, we are experiencing something that most people can hardly even imagine. This fact is not lost on me, nor on my shipmates, and as we cruise ever farther from the North Island of New Zealand and towards the Kermadec islands, we live in awe of the incredible ocean-scape that surrounds us.

November 22, 2018

Save the Mangroves

Ryanne Murray, Eckerd College


Today started out with a ride to St. George’s University where we met up with Zoya Buckmire, an SEA alumni. She’s from Grenada and started an NGO with her father called the Grenada Fund for Conservation (GFC). The organization works on conservation around Grenada, primarily with mangroves.

November 22, 2018

Better Late than Never: More information on our second port stop

Camryn McCarthy, Kate Spencer, Elena Beckhaus, B Watch, Smith College, Syracuse University, University of San Diego


It was a pleasant Saturday morning when we sailed past the Hole in the Rock and into the Bay of Islands, just north of Auckland. The scenery all around us was stunning and we encountered lots of boat traffic, consisting mainly of sailboats. We then anchored just off of Russell, a cute little town tucked away between the rolling hills of the Northland.

November 22, 2018

Gales, Gratitude, and Gravy

Olivia Vasquez, C-watch, Oberlin College


Hello readers! Happy Thanksgiving!

We aboard the Robert C. Seamans have been preparing for the holiday, some of us helping to bake pies or hang decorations in the main salon (dining area), or even reminiscing about traditions of football and day-after leftovers. In anticipation of this blog post, I have been thinking a lot about the idea of gratitude, especially in the context of this program.

November 21, 2018

Live. Love. Lab.

Maddy Oerth, C-watch, Eckerd College


Today was our first full day sailing the open ocean towards the Kermadec Islands. It was also my third time having lab duty during my watch. Lab duty is by far my favorite part of being on watch. I have always loved hands-on learning especially when it comes to science.

November 21, 2018

A Little Dirt Never Hurt!

Chloe McKinley, Beloit College


The day begins with 7:15 breakfast of hot omelets and sweet coconut water straight from the source. After we chat and prep for the day, our beloved Mandoo, the tour guide from Friday’s excursion, picks us up. Once again, we’re barreling down narrow and winding roads that are barely wide enough to allow more than one car.

November 20, 2018

The Strongest Ship You Can Build

Christina Lim, B Watch, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


Family, friends, shipmates, and all those else who wander by,

By the time you read this, our cruise, like those that came before and those that follow, will have reached its inevitable end. One last giant field day was taken care of, the traditional Swizzle razzled and dazzled on the last evening, and the last watches were stood.

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November 20, 2018

The First Coral Reef

Nina Strand, Carleton College


Heisann folkens,

For several of us today was the first time we saw a coral reef in real life. With me being from Norway, I have never seen a coral reef other than on Blue Planet II or Chasing Coral, i.e. documentaries.

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