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SEA Currents: Oct 2016

October 03, 2016

Standing Watch and the Sea

Persis Ticknor-Swanson, Barnard College

The Global Ocean: Europe

The first thing I noticed about the Mediterranean Sea was how blue it was. I grew up going to Cape Cod every summer, and the Atlantic Ocean of my New England life is a dark green and indigo shock of cold that makes you gasp. The Mediterranean is nothing like that. It’s startlingly blue. It’s the color of a Crayola crayon I used to draw oceans with when I was a child, bright and uniform and gently warm. It’s also surprisingly empty of marine life, at least by my standards.

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October 03, 2016

On the Way to Tonga

Paige Dempsey, A Watch, Whitman College


So, the last few days have more or less collapsed into one large blur. Marking our days by watches and the chances to sleep and study between them has turned around my ability to keep track of time. It doesn’t help that sometime yesterday we crossed the international date line. Skipping October 2nd all together before arriving at October 3rd. Fortunately all that happened was that we changed the dates on our watches—the world did not turn upside down and we did not all suddenly age a day faster than we normally would.

October 02, 2016

Science Under Sail

Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist, Sea Education Association

The Global Ocean: Europe

It is 1600 (mid-afternoon) local time and we are sailing with the four lowers (Main sail, mainstaysail, forestaysail, and jib) making 3.6 knots good on course 063 degrees thanks to a SSE wind at Beaufort Scale 2; a lovely sail in a sunny Mediterranean Sea; a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  The mood throughout the ship is relaxed and content with A Watch keeping the Cramer ship-shape.  However, 8 hours ago the scene onboard was very different.

October 01, 2016

Right Now is my Morning

Marina Mozak, C Watch. Drew University


Thinking back on signing up for my blog day I might have wanted to pick a different one. Today I had Dawn watch, so I woke up at midnight and then slept through most of the sunlight day. But regardless I will tell you all about this strangely structured day.

Around midnight I woke up to the Seamans motor sailing in light wind. Bex, our amazing steward, left out rice krispies treats for a midnight snack so I had great fuel of that and coffee to start out my watch.

October 01, 2016

First day at sea!

Amanda Hernandez, Wellesley College

The Global Ocean: Europe

Hello all!

Today was a busy and exciting day for everyone on board. We left Port Vell in Barcelona this morning and set sail to Mallorca. It was an early start for us to get the boat ready, but soon enough we were underway! Our classes and crew had already been split into three watch groups (A, B, and C). Each watch is made up of five students, one mate, one sailing intern, and one scientist.

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