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SEA Currents: Oct 2015

Hannah Marty, A Watch, Carleton College

Today was a mash-up of everyone’s favorite fall holidays with appearances from Saint Balentine and plans for Secret Santa’s being hashed out, so we made sure to cover all of our holiday bases. I was assistant steward today, so my day started just after sunrise to chop pineapple and cut up servings of breakfast for the people. After that I escaped from the galley for nearly the only time today to enjoy a cup of tea while cuddled warmly in my sleeping bag on the starboard side of the ship which is becoming one of my favorite places to be.

Filipe Parreira, University of the Azores
The Global Ocean: Europe

Being in Portuguese lands after so many days at sea brings a lot of sensations that are really hard to put into words. I am truly happy to finally be in a place where I can listen to the Portuguese language on the streets of this magnificent island full of wonderful things to offer. As I already said on the previous post, a rich journey like this brings with it an enormous personal growth in which we learn how to appreciate the most insignificant and minor things that life has to offer.

Chris Losco, B Watch, Boston College

It’s our 6th day at sea on our 12 day journey to New Zealand, and as much as I can’t wait to step onto unmoving land that lets you walk where you actually want to walk, I’ve also been getting more comfortable and accustomed to our daily routines. Just over four weeks ago, we boarded this ship with no knowledge of the lines, lab procedures, or parts in the engine room. Now, during our deck watches, sails are set and struck by students with minimal guidance from the mates, and the delegation of hourly tasks is managed entirely by students as well.

Lara Bluhm, Bowdoin College
The Global Ocean: Europe

After a little over a week of sailing away from mainland Spain and out into the open Atlantic, we’ve arrived at the town of Funchal, in Madeira! We encountered some big swells sent our way by a large storm a thousand miles north near Scotland, and while they tended to make daily life a little more difficult than normal, this rollercoaster of a ride also added fun and amusement at times, too.

Anne Broache,
SEA Semester

For the 2015-16 school year, SEA Semester welcomes several new faculty to our roster. Periodically, we’ll introduce them to you on this blog.

We’re pleased to introduce Dr. Mark H. Long, our newest Associate Professor of History and Social Science.

Michael (Big Dog) Gestal, B Watch, University of Denver

I often find myself sitting out on the bow sprit or on top of the doghouse, trying to take a moment just to soak it all in, to understand what it all means and why it’s so important. It is abundantly clear that this experience means more than a semester at school or any other study abroad program for that matter, but I have this feeling deep inside me that there is something going on around me that is changing me.

Anicka Chaffey, Eckerd College
The Global Ocean: Europe

At home, I rarely wake up before nine if I can help it, but at sea the sun and I rise together. This morning begins with an especially delicious sunrise. Melted butter spilling out over the silhouette of the Madieran archipelago. As the sun makes its careful progress upwards, the early morning light is reflected back at us from Madiera’s windowed houses, dotting the hillside with beacons of gold. Land at long last.



Will McLean, Chief Mate

Passages across Open Oceans are hard to describe to those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience the vast open ocean from the deck of a sailing ship cutting through the waves under the power of the wind alone. Living life on a sailing ship on the open ocean opens ones perspective on the world and creates a feeling of power and strength in the soul while teaching how small and powerless we really are against the supremacy of the elements.

Anne Broache,
SEA Semester

Sea Education Association’s unique, longstanding research on marine plastic debris continues to attract international interest in collaboration with our faculty.

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Breanna Wydra, Lawrence University
The Global Ocean: Europe

Hello again!  It’s currently 2100 here on the Cramer, and I’m hanging out in the library while we motorsail our way across the Eastern North Atlantic. Today marks our 7th day at sea on the way to Madeira, and it’s absolutely incredible how quickly this passage has gone. We even saw a glimpse of the island’s hillsides today, which is a testament to how close we really are to setting foot on land once again.

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