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Catch up on news, events, and daily posts from SEA Semester voyages in SEA Currents, the official blog of Sea Education Association.

SEA Semester

The John K. Bullard Diversity Award, given every other year to an individual in the Woods Hole community who plays a significant role in making the community more inclusive and more welcoming of people of all backgrounds, was presented yesterday at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole to Onjalé Scott and Scott Branco.

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Congratulations to SEA President Peg Brandon, who has been selected as an Arthur Vining Davis Foundations’ Aspen Fellow for the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival to be held June 24-27.

According to a release by the Aspen Institute, the Fellows were selected from a competitive field of nominees of national leaders with diverse backgrounds and who represent the entrepreneurial spirit, intellectual curiosity and leadership qualities of Arthur Vining Davis, the CEO of the Alcoa Corporation from 1907 - 1948.

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Melissa Hughes, Professor of Biology, College of Charleston

Sometime in the night, the engines were turned off; when I joined my fellow B-watchers on deck at 10 minutes before midnight, we were sailing! (We’ve had beautiful weather but little wind on this voyage, so this was our first watch without the engines.)

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Tiff Croucher, B Watch, Eckerd College

Hi guys it’s Tiff again.

Highlights of my week are as follows: I solidified my commitment to getting an octopus tattoo when I held baby octopuses in my hand at Kiritimati Island, feeling as if they were my own children. Will I become the new crazy octopus lady rather than the crazy cat lady?

Dr. John “Jack” Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology, Unity College

It’s Father’s Day and my anniversary – so Laura, love of my life, this is for you.

Last night, following our watch, I stood, staring at sunset, sipping spiced tea over stories of adventure. As you know, I get lost in such talk, and as expected, it was hard to say goodnight, especially when fresh conversation and inspiration washes in on the deck with the next watch.

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Ziyad Johnstone, A Watch, Saint John's College

Today I sought solitude with the intention of seeing where my thoughts might lead. I climbed atop where the sails were only an arm’s length away. I sat there and took in the imagery of the ocean, letting the boat rock me from side to side.

Jack Fitch, Assistant Dean of Admission, Hamilton College

We started the day today with a breakfast feast at 0620 and 0700 hours before mustering on deck for safety drills. We performed three safety drills with our watches before getting underway and heading east out of Vineyard Haven towards the Atlantic Ocean.

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SEA Semester

Sea Education Association
7th Annual Ned Cabot Marine Biodiversity & Conservation Symposium:
Seeking a Sense of Place in the Sargasso Sea

Friday, June 15, 2018, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
SEA, 171 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth, MA

Justin Kaashoek, B Watch, Harvard College

125 nautical miles down, another 1000 to go! Since departing from Christmas Island yesterday, we have made good progress to our final destination: Hawaii. From the moment we left, everyone has been extremely busy. Between being back on the regular watch schedule, oceanography projects, reef reports, nautical science, it is difficult to find free time.

Kaleigh Duggan

Hi S280 blog! My name is Kaleigh, I’m from Boston MA, a student/ crew of the Robert C. Seamans!

Since the wind was so favorable coming from Caroline Island, our arrival to Christmas Island is a day early! It’s a very strange feeling seeing cars and people from the anchored boat for the first time in over a week, we’ve gotten so used to life on board the ship.

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