Expedition Team

Trent Hodges - S-214


Trent Hodges grew up in Idaho enjoying the mountains and rivers, but has spent most of the last six years by the ocean.  He went to school in San Diego and was fortunate to have sailed on the SSV Robert C. Seamans studying the dynamics of the La Niña weather pattern across the equator to Tahiti on SEA Semester class S-214.

Trent has spent the last two years in Peace Corps working on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.  His activities centered around artisanal fisheries management, sea turtle conservation, ecotourism development, environmental education, and just a little bit of surfing on the side.

Trent is really excited to be a part of this amazing and important journey as much of his work focused on the persistence and contamination of plastic in his village.  Using around 5,000 plastic bottles collected off the beach and stuffed with trash, the community built a school and a headquarters for the local fishermen using the bottles as the construction material.  The experience was inspiring and humbling and highlighted the scope of the problem, and what some small-scale solutions might be.  Check out http://www.hugitforward.com Las Mananitas.