Expedition Team

Patricia Goffinet - W-61


Patty Goffinet was an enthusiastic member of SEA Semester class W-61. She loved the sailing, science, stars, the swizzle parties, and especially the wonderful people on board.  She later married one of them, Tom, and they produced three good kids.  Franny sailed aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer in fall 2011, Jack just went off to college, and Claire is 15 years old.

Patty earned a master's degree in marine, estuarine and environmental science a long time ago.  She has worked as a marine biologist and a wetland scientist and taught community college classes, but mostly she stayed home with the kids.  She has recently written and published a book, Go Outside and Play: Why Kids Don't and Why They Should.  Patty believes the current trend towards indoor childhoods is terribly wrong.  Patty and Tom own a beautiful 26-foot pilot cutter built in 1939.  Be warned, she may try to convince you to buy the boat and take over its next watch.