Expedition Team

Noah Citron - S-232


Originally from the west coast (Washington), Noah is simply overwhelmingly stoked to be on this cruise.  Since his SEA Semester (class S-232), he’s been yearning to get back on the open ocean and just be— among the waves, lost in the stars, deploying on the science deck, scrubbing soles, hauling lines,… He is quite happy to be spending six weeks on his alma mater (the Robert C. Seamans) with an incredible company of shipmates working on one of the most pervasive and significant issues of the modern era.  Noah is inspired by the adventure and constantly changing “landscape” of the ocean, as well as the exhilaration of sail handling and oceanographic deployments, so he’s very excited to stand watch with the Plastics at SEA: North Pacific Expedition 2012 team!

Since graduating Wesleyan University in May with a B.A. in Earth and environmental sciences, Noah spent most of his summer HelpExchange-ing and CouchSurfing in Italy, gaining much exposure to the Italian language and the arts of farming and summer camp counseling.  Among the many things he enjoys in life are science, handwork, small boat sailing, athletics of most any type, and eating.  He thinks he would like to someday become a farmer and/or teacher, but suspects he will always be drawn towards the sea.