Expedition Team

Matt Ecklund - Co-Videographer, C-216


My SEA Semester was a transforming experience in my life.  It provided the inspiration for my college Honors Art Exhibition, Ligatura cetacea, a series of intricate quill and ink drawings of whales bound in lines, whose source material I found while investigating the themes of my SEA Semester research paper concerning, “The Evolution of Scientific Illustrative Depictions of Cetaceans.”  I graduated magna cum laude from Macalester College in May 2009 with a degree in art.  Afterwards I continued producing oceanic artworks, deepening my skills as a videographer and editor, and preparing to sail on Plastics at SEA: North Atlantic Expedition 2010.  In the North Atlantic I provided my services as a filmmaker and a deckhand, while polishing my sextant prowess for further seaward adventures.  Following the expedition, reinvigorated and recommitted to doing everything under the sun to keep sailing with SEA, I applied to work the fall in Rockland, ME during the Corwith Cramer’s yard maintenance period.  A month of rust-busting labor later, I sailed for Woods Hole, where I learned of an opportunity to sail as a deckhand to the Caribbean.  I journeyed under the command of Cpt. Jason Quilter as “Celestial Guru”, teaching students the skills of an expert navigator.  Upon port fall in St. Croix, I waved goodbye to SEA and boarded the World Ocean School’s schooner Roseway, where I rose from the position of deckhand to mate and education coordinator in a period of ten-and-a-half months.  In late October 2011 I returned to Minnesota, where I’ve since been working for a precision machining company, producing HD films for the company and its subsidiary digital film-making conglomerate, DTF Films.  My skills as a sailor, an artist, and an educator equip me to participate fully in Plastics at SEA: North Pacific Expedition 2012.  I am thrilled to participate, to rejoin old shipmates, and to offer my skills in raising awareness about this critical issue.